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Beige Gauged Porcelain Tile Slabs

Achieve visual uniformity with ceramic tile. This cafe uses gauged porcelain tile slabs for the floor and wall, giving the room a sleek, modern, and super clean look. One reason to use ceramic tile in a busy cafe is for tile’s durability. Tile is resistant to stains, scuffs, and scratches, so the metal tables and…

Open-Concept Room With Concrete and Wood-Look Tile

An open bedroom like this can use tile for the floor, ceiling, and balcony, all while maintaining a modern, industrial, and cohesive look. On the floor, large slabs of tile are used to resemble concrete, while the tiles on the narrow wall and ceiling resemble wood. Ceramic tile is ideal for open-concept spaces that transition…

Cement-Look Tile Floor and Wood-Look Tile Wall

Want a modern industrial look? In this room, you see ceramic tile being used in two different ways. On the wall, the tile adds texture to the room with a rugged wood look. The floor uses larger ceramic tile slabs to emulate smooth, concrete floors for that warehouse vibe. Ceramic tile is also resistant to…

Durable Cement-Look Tile Floor

Ceramic tile is one of the most durable materials you can use in your home. Resistant to scuffs and scratches, tile is also one of the longest-lasting materials. Another benefit of tile is that it’s low-maintenance and water-resistant, so any spills can be cleaned easily. Durability and beauty make tile floors, like this cement-look floor,…

Gray Tile Flooring in a Lab

Design begins on a molecular level, harnessing energy, force, space and time. Taking inspiration from natural science, this tile opens designers to a universe of porcelain in a look that captures the relationship between matter and motion.

Gray Slate-Look Ceramic Tile Floor

There’s no better material to use in your cafe than ceramic tile. Tile is water-resistant so the inevitable spill won’t cause any damage to the floor and can be cleaned with ease. This popular spot is also prone to heavy foot traffic, and ceramic tile is resistant to scuffs, dents, scratches, and stains, unlike some…

Unique Wood-Look Tile

A bit like wood and also reminiscent of vintage black and white photographs, or maybe it’s high-fashion textiles, an industrial surface, or an old lithograph print—it’s the unique texture of this ceramic tile that showcases the new spirit of ceramic tile design. Consider where this tile might call home—a hotel lobby, the neighborhood cafe, a…

Wood-Look Tile Flooring

This tile gives a whole new meaning to “wood-look.” With ceramic tile’s vast design choices, your tile flooring can be indistinguishable from hardwood flooring, but that’s not exactly what’s happening here. These tiles are closer to the appearance of actual trees, with the dramatic grain patterns of bark and large panels that you might just…

Marble-Look Ceramic Tile Flooring

Sleek, modern, clean, and EXCLUSIVE describes the marble look of this ceramic tile. Yet, this look is assessable for any space. Here we see the transition from a lobby to a board room without skipping a beat. Ceramic tile withstands the wear of high traffic areas will maintaining the same charm and grandeur of day…

Industrial Chic Concrete-Look Tile Flooring

A unique brand demands a complimentary retail space. Translating the energy and emotion of a built brand into tangible surfaces rests squarely on the largest surface: the flooring. Ceramic tile offers a vast array of design options—including texture—soft or hard, linen, stone, wood, and more. The consistency yet versatility of ceramic tile gives designers confidence…

Pool Tile

You relax in the sun at the edge of the pool — or are you at the beach? The texture and colors of the tile surrounding you have you transported — you can almost hear the waves. Let the blues of the pool tile mesmerize you. Even the large rectangular tile panels on the patio…

Minimalistic Ceramic Tile Slabs in Concrete Gray

This room is minimalism at its finest. Two colors dominate the space’s palette — white and concrete gray — with the bright yellow chairs and kettle providing the perfect pop of color. The large ceramic tile slabs give the impression that the flooring is all one piece. Indeed, the flooring does continue right out the…

Metal-Look Tile & Wood-Look Tile

This airy great room has the space to play, with a modern interpretation of rustic charm. A center stage feature wall and oxidized metal-look tile floors blend with chunky wood and bold white furniture for a contemporary feel that’s very much at home on the ranch.

Oxidized Metal-Look Tile Flooring for a Restaurant

That cool new place downtown transforms from a hot lunch spot to a hot date meet-up seemingly without effort. Perhaps it’s the chameleon quality of this charcoal industrial look ceramic tile. By day, it’s cool and unassuming. By night, it’s sultry and romantic. Whatever time of day, this tile is built to serve up an…