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Ceramic Tile Slabs With a Hexagon Pattern

Ceramic tile slabs are highly versatile, letting you pick the perfect shade, color, and design for your personal project. Tile is also easy to maintain, making it an ideal option for large areas that see heavy foot traffic, such as floors, walls, outdoor spaces, and even ceilings in public buildings and galleries.

Textured Concrete-Look Tile

As gray tones continue to trend in commercial industrial decor, designers have been embracing the industrial look and applying it to home decor. These soft gray ceramic tiles emulate a rough concrete look, yet the color and texture pattern has a warm vibe that breaks up a long, monotonous slab. This shade of gray also…

Colorful and Iridescent Tile Mosaic

A unique tile mosaic is sure to have your guests talking. Versatile in size, style, and design, tile is the perfect material for jaw-dropping displays, such as this iridescent mosaic. Mosaics are popular for backsplashes in both the kitchen and the bathroom, but are also trending as a beautiful option for feature walls and fireplace…

White Subway Tile Backsplash

Tile can create the perfect backdrop for your treasures. Simple tile patterns add color and texture — a white tile with a slightly transparent look absorbs the light and illuminates the counter space, providing a soft backlight for everything on the counter. Even without objects on display, a tile wall like this adds depth to…

Outdoor Iridescent Mosaic Tile

For truly stunning outdoor designs, tile provides options that are both visually beautiful and durable through freeze-thaw cycles to withstand any climate. Tile won’t fade in the sun and is resistant to water, mildew, mold, and bacteria, so it’s safe to water these plants without risking any damage to the tile.

Textured Brickwork Tile Mosaic in Blue Tones

Tile is available in an endless combination of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors to fit your every decor need. Thought tile was just for showers? Beautiful tile designs like this make tile a unique surface choice for every room of your home — from floors to walls, and even the ceiling!

Using Wall Tiles to Make a Room Look Bigger

Using horizontal designs visually widens a room, making your home seem bigger. This clever trick can be difficult to pull off, though, since few materials have a horizontal format. To achieve the look in this room, a beautiful blue mosaic wall and shelving form a decor feature.

Tile Wall With Multiple Colors and Textures

The versatility of ceramic tile is stunning, and often surprising, especially when a designer creates a style like this with multiple textures and colors combining in a way you would never have imagined. Up close, you can appreciate the subtle differences of each tile. From a distance, this combination may remind you of bamboo.

3D Wall Tiles

Look closer. A small ridge runs down the center of each of these ceramic tiles, projecting the center of the tile toward you. This ridge separates the two sides of the tile and influences how the light hits each side, making some parts seem lighter or darker than others. Each tile also has a different…

Staggered Herringbone Backsplash Tile

These staggered tiles add dimension to a wall surface, and the installation pattern and color variations pack a one-two wow factor punch. Beautiful and also durable, tile has a waterproof assembly and is resistant to mildew and bacteria, as well as scratch-, stain-, and fire-resistant.

Cement-Look Tile Floor and Wood-Look Tile Wall

Want a modern industrial look? In this room, you see ceramic tile being used in two different ways. On the wall, the tile adds texture to the room with a rugged wood look. The floor uses larger ceramic tile slabs to emulate smooth, concrete floors for that warehouse vibe. Ceramic tile is also resistant to…

Honey Herringbone Wood-Look Tile Floor

Capture a stunning wood-look pattern in your home with ceramic tile. This room shows off a honey-colored herringbone wood-look ceramic tile floor that makes all other decor secondary. This pristine look is also easy to maintain with ceramic tile’s resistance to scuffs, dents, stains, and scratches.

White Ceramic Tile Living Room Floor

Grays and whites can make rooms feel larger and warmer, like the walls, ceiling, and floor do in this space. By using neutral colors, homeowners can let plants and furniture bring in pops of detail. In this particular room, the tile also projects the natural lighting, bringing the light from outside further into the home.…

Silver Wood-Look Herringbone Tile

Because ceramic tile comes in different shapes and styles, rooms like this are possible. These rectangular tiles fit together to give the appearance of silver wood in a chunky herringbone pattern. This serves as a perfect complement to the gray couch, cream-colored furnishings, and bright walls. Ceramic tile is also durable, maintaining its appearance with…

Oversized Gray Wood-Look Herringbone Tile

Industrial yet comfortable, ceramic tiles are perfect for older buildings that need a modern appeal. The gray floor tiling in this room parallels the concrete ceilings, making the room feel larger than it is. On the far wall, the background of tiles gives the appearance of brick, which fits seamlessly with the all-white walls on…

Diamond Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround

The fireplace is the heart of the home, and ceramic tiles create the ideal fire-resistant decorative feature to showcase your home’s style. This elegant tile pattern adds excitement while not taking too much attention away from the rest of the room. The diamond tiles resemble a dark marble and work beautifully with both the white…

Atypical Tile Grid

You needn’t open up that coffee table book to see elements of style at play. Ceramic tile offers a nearly limitless amount of design options, and this atypical grid is just one of them. In every row, we get one rectangular tile for every two large-scale squares, providing the slightest of twists. The shades of…