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Unique 3D Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround

Unleash your imagination. Imagine the perfect fireplace surround, but forget everything you know about what fireplace surrounds usually look like. Instead of brick, we’re going to use ceramic tile — the perfect choice because of its fire resistance, meaning it won’t burn, melt, or give off toxic fumes when exposed to fire. Now imagine the…

Charcoal Wood-Look Tile

Earthy charcoal colors blend with contemporary grays to bring you a flooring choice that makes the fusion of mid-century American decor and Victorian architecture a stroke of genius. Smartly choosing heat-resistant ceramic tile around a fireplace makes your home as safe as it is stylish. Use this neutral palette to accent with your favorite bold…

Wood-Look Tile Flooring

This tile gives a whole new meaning to “wood-look.” With ceramic tile’s vast design choices, your tile flooring can be indistinguishable from hardwood flooring, but that’s not exactly what’s happening here. These tiles are closer to the appearance of actual trees, with the dramatic grain patterns of bark and large panels that you might just…

Stormy Gray Marble-Look Tile

Have you ever seen such a bold statement made so simply? This large, gray, rectangular, marble-look tile takes your breath like a storm the second you step over the room’s threshold, and looking away proves challenging. Such beautiful flooring makes simple furnishings and other decor look high-end. It won’t take long to decide that this…

Parquet Tile Flooring

Wood grain ceramic tile (the colors of your Grandaddy’s barn) panels laid in squares of even panels alternating on a diamond angle lead the eye through your refurbished loft living room and down the hall. Billowing cotton (that’s Grandma’s influence) dress windows where your same flooring is a pedestal for dreaming. Add a touch of…

Warm Wood-Look Parquet Tile

Survey your kingdom from this vantage point of elegance and style. With the built-in decor of this wood grain parquet ceramic tile, any other furnishings can be as effortless as you desire. Accent with a tangerine couch, for example! the easy maintenance of ceramic tile means you WILL have time to read that book that’s…

Warm, Multicolor Wood-Look Tile Living Room Flooring

Nothing shows off eclectic decor better than wood grain ceramic tile in a palette of earth tones. These wide panels add “reclaimed wood” to the Victorian architecture, the mid-century thrift treasures, and a really comfy looking couch. You speak sustainability and so does ceramic tile! North American ceramic tile has the lowest carbon footprint of…

Metal-Look Tile & Wood-Look Tile

This airy great room has the space to play, with a modern interpretation of rustic charm. A center stage feature wall and oxidized metal-look tile floors blend with chunky wood and bold white furniture for a contemporary feel that’s very much at home on the ranch.

Home Gym With Oxidized Metal Ceramic Tile Floors

This isn’t your typical home gym. The unmistakable sense of modernity in this room is softened by the oxidized metal look of the ceramic tile flooring — combining the best of both the old and the new. The crosshatch pattern of the flooring design varies the colors in the oxidation to give fluidity and movement…

Gray Wood-Look Entryway Tile

Welcome home. This ceramic tile floor will keep its stately bearing through all of the ups and downs of an active family lifestyle. Ceramic tile is scratch-resistant and won’t warp, even in temperature extremes. No worries either about this sunlit space as ceramic tile won’t fade. This dream home is also a dream to maintain!

Oversized Wood-Look Tile in a Herringbone Pattern

All signs point to success in this open-concept home. The herringbone pattern of the green/grey stone look ceramic tile is echoed by the angular sectional. Crisp lines and bright light put an emphasis on efficiency, and nothing says efficiency like tile flooring. Ceramic tile keeps its good looks for a lifetime because of its scratch-resistant…

Creamy Marble-Look Tile Living Room Flooring

Such a spacious, polished, and positively delightful area is the product of carefully thought-out choices — especially the selection of large white marble-look tile flooring. The cream color contributes to the room’s brightness and the natural look of the marble texture couples with plants to give you the healthy sense of a being in a…

Stone-Look Herringbone Tile Flooring

Stone herringbone just makes you want to rhyme every word. You will definitely be in rhythm with your surroundings using this neutral, sophisticated look that says, “Hey, I’m contemporary AND comfortable. Let’s order in a pizza.” Stone-look ceramic tile is the ideal flooring for every room in your home. Water, flame, stain, and scratch resistance…

Ivory Stone-Look Ceramic Tile Flooring

Perpendicular modern angles are accented by the ivory stone-look ceramic tiles running at an angle through this open floor plan. Surprise! An angled architectural element echoes the angles created in the floor. The look is clean and uncluttered, with subtle texture and movement that adds interest, as well as the durability and easy maintenance of…

White-Washed Wood-Look Ceramic Tile Flooring

Wood-look ceramic tile is a new flooring favorite, with water-, scratch, and stain-resistance that will stand up to all your family dinners. These white-washed wood-look ceramic tiles create the perfect platform for eclectic furnishings and a space where the family comes together.

Urban-Concrete Ceramic Tile Flooring

Industrial chic meets nature in this open living room. Metal accents are softened by cozy white couches and a wall of plants. Ceramic tile flooring, with an urban-concrete vibe, ties it all together with modern style in tones of rust and yellow.

Swirl Relief Wall

Ceramic tile is approved as a wall covering. The added benefit is that ceramic tile is moisture- and flame-resistant. And you thought you only cared that this 3D ceramic tile creates a feature wall that knocks your socks off. Is this a modern look or a beachy look? Perfect for a backsplash or a hotel…

Glossy Living Room Stone

Contemporary decor takes a walk in the woods, so to speak, to create this sleek natural stone-look tile. Light colors and the crisp lines of the grid pattern accentuate the room’s fresh, clean look. Take a seat on the sofa and relish in the room’s beauty — and in its functionality, too. Water, stain, and…

Buttery Stone Look Floor

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but the allure of this ceramic tile floor is certainly universal. What’s more beautiful than a buttery natural stone look combined with the low life cycle cost of ceramic tile? This flooring enjoys all of ceramic tile’s benefits, including water, stain, and scratch resistance.

Grid Tile Wall With Pattern

Coloring within the lines is overrated — if that wasn’t clear before, this ceramic wall tile removes the slightest doubt. In fact, there aren’t any rules when it comes to designing with ceramic tile, because your style options are infinite, limited only by your imagination. In this space, the tiled wall makes the perfect backdrop…