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White Square Floor Tile

No one likes having to clean the floor, which is why going with a material that’s low-maintenance is crucial. Ceramic tile can often be cleaned by wiping with water alone and is resistant to stains and bacteria growth, which means your job will be easy — and your floor will stay clean! When your floor…

Three-Dimensional Fireplace Tile With Large Slabs

Modern lines and earthy tones combine to form this stunning fireplace. Ceramic tile shows off style versatility with large slabs and the contrasting texture of 3D tiles. Ceramic tile is nonflammable and won’t emit toxic fumes when exposed to flame, which makes it the time-honored choice for fireplace materials.

Wood-Look Living Room Tile Floor

Victorian curves complement this sunny sitting area. Wood-look ceramic tile brings a beautiful richness that won’t fade and will keep looking beautiful for years to come, even if this room transitions to modernism, boho, or farmhouse!

Iridescent Tiled Fireplace

Everything in this eclectic living room says “living color,” from the bright, berry-colored walls, to the velvety turquoise armchair, to the pièce de résistance fireplace in eye-popping iridescent mosaic tiles. Ceramic tile is nonflammable and is a versatile option for fireplaces, providing an unparalleled variety of styles so you can find the perfect tile for…

Herringbone Wood-Look Tile Floor

A mix of materials and styles come together to make a harmonious room. Elegant ivory tones and dark wood make wonderful music together, and the lone adirondack chair seems right at home with the light wood-look tile flooring. Ceramic tile has so many design options, from wood-look to modern metallics, so you can make your…

Wood-Look Tiled Floor

This cozy corner makes you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. A neutral color palette contrasts beautifully with the dark wood-look ceramic tile flooring. Ceramic tile is an ideal choice for flooring near a fireplace, being nonflammable, so the beauty of this floor is not interrupted by a…

Stone-Look Tile Living Room

Craftsman-inspired woodwork and cream-colored walls let the flooring in this living room be the masterpiece. Stone-look ceramic tile in large-format squares is a work of art, showing off variegated browns and golds. Ceramic tile’s fire-hardened surface is scratch-resistant and won’t fade, so this floor will keep its beauty for years.

Stone-Look Tiled Floor and Fireplace

This minimalist room makes maximum impact with lines and angles and a punch of red chimney. Yellow stone-look ceramic tile steps up to give an equally bold contrast, brightening the room. Smaller tiles wrap the fireplace in a multicolored grid for the finishing touch. Ceramic tile is nonflammable and doesn’t give off toxic fumes when…

Gray Slate-Look Tile Living Room

With this much floorspace and light flooding in, the flooring you choose has got to be really worthy of the attention. Slate-look, large-format ceramic tile is this room’s perfect choice, with the grout lines elongating an already spacious room and the browns in the stone beautifully complementing the furniture. Everything about this space is impeccable,…

Modern Tiled Fireplace

Ceramic tile is flame-resistant, allowing you to create a beautiful fireplace design that won’t be damaged by heat or sparks (unlike vinyl). Considering that the fireplace is often the focal point of the room, style is also key. With ceramic tile, your design options are limitless, with this sleek modern tile being just one of…

Distressed Terracotta-Look Floor

Earthy tones abound in this charming living room. The distressed ceramic tile floor ties together both the russet of the couches and the verdigris of the wallpaper, and the alternating grain of the tiles adds an interesting twist to a straightforward grid. You don’t need to worry about the floor actually becoming distressed — ceramic…

Green Ceramic Tile Fireplace

The fireplace tends to be the focal point of the room, so it’s a great chance to make a statement. With jade green ceramic tile laid in a diamond pattern and accented with multiple rows of trim, this fireplace takes full advantage of this opportunity, plus the ability to provide a period-specific look for a…

Dark Brown Tiled Floor and Tiled Fireplace

Is there such a thing as rustic chic? If so, this living room is the perfect example. Rectangular brown floor tiles, a vertical mosaic wood-look fireplace design, and the stacked logs themselves create an unmistakable cabin feel counteracted by contemporary decor elements. So are we in the middle of the forest, or just a short…

Beige Tile Grid With Accents

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This space is a testament to Leonardo da Vinci’s idea, with no frills or anything unnecessary to detract from the simple beauty of ceramic tile. Tile has a durable surface that is scratch- and stain-resistant, making the choice for your flooring quite simple.

Beige Stone Tile Floor With Accents

The clever use of accent tiles in this flooring gives the impression of a rug under the dining table. Ceramic tile offers virtually endless design options to suit every style, with a variety of colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and patterns. So, be creative and choose ceramic tile for flooring that’s as unique as you are.

Glossy Stone-Look Ceramic Tile Floor

Sleek sophistication in this modern seaside decor starts with the gleaming sand color of the stone-look ceramic flooring. These large-format squares reflect the light that floods the room, giving the space a heavenly appearance. A stylish white table and chairs add to the lofty feeling as you look out into the blue sky beyond. Ceramic…

Gray Stone Tile Grid

A cozy apartment makes efficient use of space, with lots of storage above the futon, and a fun lamp that fits the space perfectly. Ceramic tile is an efficient flooring choice, with easy care and a long-lasting, durable finish. When you choose tile for your home, you are choosing a healthy and safe surface that…

Cream Windmill Patterned Tile Floor

Looking for living room flooring that will blow you away? You just might find your solution in this earthy windmill pattern. Unlike most windmill patterns, which use a different tile for each part of the windmill, this design is printed directly onto the tile. The 4-to-1 windmill-to-tile ratio helps prevent the intricate motif from appearing…

Herringbone Wood-Look Tile Grid

Ceramic tile has got a lot of skills on its resume, but what stand out most are its limitless design options. Take this flooring pattern, for instance. Traditional herringbone is already a pattern you don’t see every day, but this space takes the design and incorporates it into a large-format square grid for an even…

Large Brown Square Floor Tiles

Keeping it simple is the oldest design trick in the book, and these large brown flooring tiles prove that simplicity hasn’t lost its magic. The floor’s dark color and warm tones contrast beautifully with the crisp white walls, giving the space a cozy feeling. Ceramic tile’s easy care only adds to the room’s charming simplicity,…