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Stone-Look Tile Living Room Floor

This stone-look living room floor shows how luxurious natural can be. With both light and dark accents, the stone pattern ties together the white suede couches and brown tables nicely, creating a cohesive look. The horizontal rectangular grid visually amplifies the already large room; but although plenty of open floorspace is available, you wouldn’t want…

Honey Industrial Living Area

This industrial-inspired living room showcases a subtly metallic silver with a nod to nature. The wooden desk and stone-look floors bring the outdoors in, with warm hues. Ceramic tile is the versatile choice for flooring. Whether in a modern industrial living room or in a vintage Victorian bathroom, you can find the tile to fit…

Snowy Wood Floor

When it’s cold and snowy outside, staying snug and warm inside with a cup of tea is one of life’s simple pleasures. Wiping up melted snow before your floors soak up water is not a pleasure, though. This wood-look flooring is water-resistant because it’s made of ceramic tile, which won’t be ruined by water, scratches,…

Living Room With Natural Decor & Wood-Look Tile Floor

Earth tones give this living room a fresh and natural feel. Textures add a richness that makes the space feel cozy, from the rough stone fireplace to the thickly woven wicker. The wood-look ceramic tile floor has a grain pattern that adds depth and texture as well. Ceramic tile is a fresh and natural material…

Glossy Stone-Look Tile Floor

A bright and open living room such as this one is a calm and serene refuge from the world outside. With so few distractions, the mind can wander this way and that, and the ample natural light is conducive to reading. This stone-look ceramic tile flooring uses different sized tiles for a subtle pattern that…

Beige Stone-Look Tile Fireplace

This living room, drenched in beige, is a room that even Louis XIV would love. The eye-popping lime green armchair provides a spot where one can sit and warm themselves by the beautiful fireplace. Ceramic tile with a stone look flows over the floor and up the chimney for seamless style. Flame-resistant ceramic tile is…

Entertainment Room With a Stone-Look Ceramic Tile Rug

The ultimate entertainment space provides pool and beverages and a cozy atmosphere, and this is a fine example of what we mean. Stone-look ceramic tile flooring and a border of pinwheel-patterned tiles create a tile “rug,” showing off tile’s versatility. Ceramic tile is available in an endless combination of colors, shapes, and textures that ensure…

Wood-Look Tile Apartment

This wood-look ceramic tile flooring lends a grounded feeling to a loft apartment. Ceramic tile is the ideal choice for flooring, with a long-lasting, durable surface that is fire-hardened and resistant to water, scratches, and fading. With down-to-earth features and an almost endless variety of design options, ceramic tile just makes sense.

Wood-Look Tile Living Room Floor

Sunny afternoons spent reading on the couch are some of the best. The wood-look ceramic tile flooring in this living room reflects the sun, creating an expansive feeling. Ceramic tile has a fire-hardened surface that is long-lasting, durable, and resistant to water, scratches, stains, and fading in the sun. With ceramic tile flooring, you can…