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Pool Tile

You relax in the sun at the edge of the pool — or are you at the beach? The texture and colors of the tile surrounding you have you transported — you can almost hear the waves. Let the blues of the pool tile mesmerize you. Even the large rectangular tile panels on the patio…

Slate-Look Tile Patio

It’s just another day in paradise, and lucky for you, you don’t even have to leave your backyard. The lush greenery, pool, lighting, and built-in sofa help contribute to this resort-like atmosphere, but it’s the natural slate look of the ceramic tile flooring that really drives it home. A vertical layout leads you right to…

Matte Tile Store Front

Whether a brand is new or well-known, consistency is key. Count on tile to display consistent color and style for new construction, renovations, and additions for any store coast to coast. Changing weather conditions won’t phase this design’s durability as ceramic tile is both heat and frost resistant, as well as moisture and flame resistant.…

Artwork Tile Bus Station

Celebrating life in a busy bus station makes the comings and goings beautiful and bright with ceramic tile. Transforming these colorful square tiles into a multi-storied work of art is the craftsmanship tile presents to your project. The variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes will satisfy any design your imagination can conjure and will…

Pale Wood-Look Tile Patio

With a backyard like this, you want to use decor elements that are one with nature, complementing its beauty without trying to steal the show. It’s a difficult task, but this light wood-look ceramic tile flooring pulls it off beautifully. Ceramic tile is the natural choice for outdoor surfaces, with resistance to water, scratches, and…

Large Tuscan Beige Tile

Rich golden-colored large-format tiles are in sweet harmony with nature, offering sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. Did you know that ceramic tile has the lowest 60-year environmental footprint among other commonly used flooring types? Ceramic tile has a fire-hardened surface that is water-resistant and won’t let mildew, mold, or bacteria create discord in your home. For…