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Metallic Tile Exterior

They say that less is more, and you’ve never seen the saying embodied so well. As you approach this building, the large-format dark metal tiles immediately capture your attention. Unable to look away, you stop in your tracks to ponder the natural beauty of the sky, clouds, and trees reflected in the natural beauty of…

Cloudy Metallic Tile

Sometimes ceramic tile takes your breath away just by enhancing the beauty of your surroundings. This large-paneled, monochromatic, reflective tile does just that, creating a nearly seamless extension of blue sky and white cotton clouds. This little view of heaven may have you wondering if you’re really where you need to be, or if the…

Multicolored Exterior

Think buildings are boring? Varying sizes of vertical and horizontal rectangle tile fit together with a puzzle-like complexity, making it clear that consistency isn’t necessary for cohesiveness. These brightly colored window frames add pops of color to the monochromatic design and establish a truly fun facade. Fun doesn’t mean high-maintenance, though — with ceramic tile,…

Exterior Stone Tile

This company means business, and they’ve made sure everyone knows that by making clean-cut stone tile the defining characteristic of their facade. The exterior utilizes three different colors and a mix of horizontal and vertical rectangular tiles to keep things interesting, and all of these elements enjoy the low maintenance and durability of ceramic tile.…