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Stone Look Lobby

This lobby combines both traditional and modern elements to establish a cool and confident vibe. How does it do it? The brickwork pattern of the stone-look ceramic tile flooring and wall evoke a farmhouse feel, while the white leather chairs and catwalk-esque lights are the picture of modernity. Somehow nostalgic and forward-looking at the same…

Metallic Tile Exterior

They say that less is more, and you’ve never seen the saying embodied so well. As you approach this building, the large-format dark metal tiles immediately capture your attention. Unable to look away, you stop in your tracks to ponder the natural beauty of the sky, clouds, and trees reflected in the natural beauty of…

Salon Waiting Room

Stepping into this salon transports you to a true urban forest. Classic running bond wood-look tile lengthens the room; and long, vertical panels of more rustic wood-look tile heightens the room. Your eyes are led by the texture of the tile, up the Dr. Seuss-esque tree painted on the column of the hanging teardrop lights,…

Large Beige Floor Tiles

A rich cocoa-colored wall brings sophistication and warmth to this living room. The modern recliner in luxurious brown leather is ready and waiting for someone to settle in and relax, perhaps to read. The ceramic tile flooring in a leather-looking beige continues the elegance in large-format squares. Ceramic tile has a wide variety of design…

Exterior Stone Tile

This company means business, and they’ve made sure everyone knows that by making clean-cut stone tile the defining characteristic of their facade. The exterior utilizes three different colors and a mix of horizontal and vertical rectangular tiles to keep things interesting, and all of these elements enjoy the low maintenance and durability of ceramic tile.…

Stone Lobby Elevator

Handsome brown ceramic tile in large squares grants this elevator lobby a grounded feel. The rich color and muted marbling lend the tile a look almost like leather. Planters that look like pleated fabric add to this trompe l’œil. Details such as the smaller mosaic square tiles that lead up to the elevator lend just…