The look of natural stone and the versatile design options and low-maintenance benefits of ceramic tile combine in stone-look tile.

Technological advances allow manufacturers to create ceramic tile in any natural stone look and texture, making it easy to create the look of stones that are rare or hard to find. Whether you want your tile to look like sleek marble, bold granite, or rustic flagstone or slate, the perfect stone-look tile for your home or business is out there.

Because ceramic tile is water-resistant, you can use stone-look tile both indoors and outdoors. Consider creating a stone pathway in your front or backyard, stone-look tile patio, stone-look fireplace surround, or stone-look tile flooring. Stone-look tile will help you create a natural and homey feel for any application, while also lending ceramic tile’s stain and scratch resistance and slip-resistant options.

Our Design Gallery contains plenty of stone-look tile inspiration for your project, and you can find more stone-look tile ideas on our Pinterest board.

Unique Wood-Look Tile

A bit like wood and also reminiscent of vintage black and white photographs, or maybe it’s high-fashion textiles, an industrial surface, or an old lithograph print—it’s the unique texture of this ceramic tile that showcases the new spirit of ceramic tile design. Consider where this tile might call home—a hotel lobby, the neighborhood cafe, a…

Wood-Look Tile Flooring

This tile gives a whole new meaning to “wood-look.” With ceramic tile’s vast design choices, your tile flooring can be indistinguishable from hardwood flooring, but that’s not exactly what’s happening here. These tiles are closer to the appearance of actual trees, with the dramatic grain patterns of bark and large panels that you might just…

Industrial Chic Concrete-Look Tile Flooring

A unique brand demands a complimentary retail space. Translating the energy and emotion of a built brand into tangible surfaces rests squarely on the largest surface: the flooring. Ceramic tile offers a vast array of design options—including texture—soft or hard, linen, stone, wood, and more. The consistency yet versatility of ceramic tile gives designers confidence…