The look of natural stone and the versatile design options and low-maintenance benefits of ceramic tile combine in stone-look tile.

Technological advances allow manufacturers to create ceramic tile in any natural stone look and texture, making it easy to create the look of stones that are rare or hard to find. Whether you want your tile to look like sleek marble, bold granite, or rustic flagstone or slate, the perfect stone-look tile for your home or business is out there.

Because ceramic tile is water-resistant, you can use stone-look tile both indoors and outdoors. Consider creating a stone pathway in your front or backyard, stone-look tile patio, stone-look fireplace surround, or stone-look tile flooring. Stone-look tile will help you create a natural and homey feel for any application, while also lending ceramic tile’s stain and scratch resistance and slip-resistant options.

Our Design Gallery contains plenty of stone-look tile inspiration for your project, and you can find more stone-look tile ideas on our Pinterest board.

Urban-Concrete Ceramic Tile Flooring

Industrial chic meets nature in this open living room. Metal accents are softened by cozy white couches and a wall of plants. Ceramic tile flooring, with an urban-concrete vibe, ties it all together with modern style in tones of rust and yellow.

Small Tile Wall and Stone Floor

Be there and be all about these squares! The spare beauty of this bathroom speaks volumes about detail. Clean lines and no frills are set off by striking, mosaic tiled walls. The flooring flows up and over the bathtub with beautiful stone-look ceramic tile squares. Let your worries float up and away as the light…

Dark Stone Bathroom

Be there AND be square AND be-autiful. A striking combination of nothing-about-this-is-basic-black and large stone-textured square tiles creates a simply elegant spa-like retreat. Accent with white and a pop of color for decor that is clearly out of the box thinking.

Dark Stone-Look Tile Store Flooring

High drama meets no drama with this large panel midnight stone look of ceramic tile. Create all the impact you need to showcase, well . . . everything else! No worries about cleaning or damage. This dramatic presentation is free from the distraction of scratches, dents, and wear. A quick mop of the surface is…

Stone Look Yoga

When the environment must be clean and hypoallergenic, look no further than ceramic tile composed of 100% naturally occurring materials. The easy maintenance of ceramic tile means that no harsh chemicals are needed for cleaning—usually just a little water will do the trick—so every downward dog smells fresh, not toxic. The variety of shapes, colors,…

Patterned Tiled Wall

Old world elegance elevates this lovely ladies’ room. The encaustic tile design harkens back to Spanish Moorish castles. Mix it with luxe black and white marble looks, and your guests will be feeling like royalty when they visit. The contrast of the black and white give a dramatic flare to this space, and the floor…

Patterned Tile Wall

Life is certainly like a box of chocolates when you can relax in this bathroom adorned with dark brown marble-textured ceramic tile walls and white marble-look ceramic tile flooring. Advances in ceramic tile manufacturing are creating tiles that have dimension, rich colors, and textures so that you can choose from a huge assortment of options,…

Large Tiled Wall

Maintaining visual interest can be a challenge in such a large scale room. To avoid repetition on this expansive wall surface, this designer chose multiple colorways from a single tile line, and had them laid in a randomly-colored brick pattern. The coordinating dark floor tile give the dark moodiness the lobby needed, and can easily…

Stone Look Office

To work with a clear head, you must rise above the city noise – a task made easy in this corner office. Large slate-look tile floors stand out in this modern workspace high above the city. Minimalist office furniture and decor work well with the busy views below. A contrast to the sleek and modern…

Dark Stone-Look Floor

Glamour. Intrigue. Romance. Nothing within your home will be as mesmerizing as this dark stone-look ceramic tile floor, so other decor can be kept to a minimum. The marble-look fireplace in the background is the perfect complement, reversing the flooring’s colors with a white face and gray veins.

Glossy Living Room Stone

Contemporary decor takes a walk in the woods, so to speak, to create this sleek natural stone-look tile. Light colors and the crisp lines of the grid pattern accentuate the room’s fresh, clean look. Take a seat on the sofa and relish in the room’s beauty — and in its functionality, too. Water, stain, and…

Stone Look Restaurant Patio

With an ocean view as your backdrop, an understated, large format porcelain can create a perfect canvas for your outdoor dining space. This quiet stone-look laid in an interesting pattern creates an upscale ambiance while letting the vista be the star. More importantly It is unfazed by daily exposure to the coastal sun and salty…

Buttery Stone Look Floor

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but the allure of this ceramic tile floor is certainly universal. What’s more beautiful than a buttery natural stone look combined with the low life cycle cost of ceramic tile? This flooring enjoys all of ceramic tile’s benefits, including water, stain, and scratch resistance.

Glossy Dining Room Tile

The world is your oyster (just look out the window), and this glossy tiled floor is your pearl — a rare beauty you’ll certainly admire every day. But unlike actual pearls, ceramic tile isn’t fragile. You can rely on ceramic tile’s durability to withstand the test of time, resisting scratches, stains, and water. Now that’s…

Shaped Tile Inset

Why collect art when you can build artwork right into your walls? This ceramic tile’s unique design creates a repetitive shape that lends a 3D look. The contrast of white on black further contributes to the off-the-wall style, inviting guests to do a double take. Move over, Andy Warhol.

Moroccan Painted Tile Wall and Stone-Look Floor

You’re a citizen of the world, so why not include a bit of the world in your decor? Ceramic tile boasts a long and rich history, having been used in some of the most important architectural landmarks all over the world. This feature wall of ceramic tile painted in a Moorish style, combined with the…

Stone-Look Patio Vibe

Are we out of doors, or in? You wouldn’t be able to say from this picture, because ceramic tile’s versatile style, durability, and water resistance allow you to create any look in any space. Create a natural patio ambience in your living room, or a cozy living room aesthetic for your patio — either way,…

Glossy Large Slab Tile and Cabin-Like Wood-Look Walls

Contrast is a beautiful decor technique, and we can’t think of a more striking contrast than this large glossy slab tile flooring and the dark wood-look tile walls. While the cabin aura and rich, handsome vibe take us into the woods, the ultra-sleek flooring and exposed pipes lend an urban industrial edge that give this…

Wood Look Floor Stone Look Wall

There’s such beautiful color variation in this wall tile, it eliminates the need for additional art. The very mixed and muted pallet provides all the color needed in this meeting and dining area.

Distressed Stone-Look Tile

Modern desert is the style here, and this ceramic tile flooring helps the space pull it off with a distressed stone look typical of outdoor patios. Even if we aren’t outside, ceramic tile’s durability and water resistance mean we could be, allowing us to lose ourselves even further in our desert mirage.