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Herringbone Wood-Look Kitchen Flooring

Herringbone has its place in the most stylish business attire, and now this no-nonsense kitchen has the same get-it-done vibe. This wood-look herringbone pattern flooring widens the angles of the room, which visually amplifies the space, creating a sense of movement. You can tell that this kitchen has high standards, and ceramic tile’s durability and…

White Strip and Mosaic Wood-Look Bathroom

Ceramic tile’s waterproof installation methods make the natural look of wood the latest trend in bathroom design. And from the looks of it, no bathroom pulls it off better than this one. Large rectangular gray wood-look tile creates simple lines and a clean-slate design on the wall, which contrasts well with the intricacies of the…


The texture on this wood-look ceramic tile floor is like you’ve only seen — or felt — before on specially milled hardwood floors. New advances in ceramic tile manufacturing allow wood textures and tones to be baked right into the tile. The advantages of ceramic tile’s water, scratch, and stain resistance mean you can use…

Mediterranean Wood-Look Bedroom

Even the most classic of designs have room for creativity. Laying this flooring at a 45-degree angle gives movement to a traditional floor pattern. But there’s something else that’s different about this flooring — it’s not wood, but ceramic tile. These floors enjoy all of the benefits of ceramic tile, including water, scratch, and stain…

Multicolored Wood Bedroom

Wood-look ceramic tile options are as numerous and distinct as the trees they’re designed after, and this bedroom uses multiple aspects to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. The flooring’s parquet tile pattern features large-format squares with wood textures and tones baked right into the tile — something you certainly don’t see every day, unless you call…

Asian Wood Look

Applying zen principles to your lifestyle and your design scheme may be two different practices, but each can certainly lead you to a state of peace and tranquility. Wood-look ceramic on the floors and walls give this entryway a sense of harmony while plant life and pops of crisp color add interest and texture, all…

Warm Wood-Look Tile Floor

Sleek and simple beauty you’ll want to reach out and touch — that’s the impression made by this modern wood-look ceramic tile. With warm honey tones and the clean-cut lines of a rectangular grid pattern, the floor creates a subtle backdrop for natural-looking decor elements. And with ceramic tile’s easy care and resistance to water,…

Multicolor Herringbone

This probably isn’t what comes to mind when you think of traditional hardwood. The herringbone design is striking, the color variation is unique — combined, this flooring creates a fashion runway impact. Moreover, this isn’t hardwood at all, but wood-look ceramic tile. Wood-look ceramic tile incorporates the beauty of hardwood and adds the superior qualities…