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Concrete-Look Wall Tiles

Textured to represent concrete or clay, these gray tiles shine brightly when the light hits, revealing every groove and line in the material. Even though the color is relatively neutral, the design is useful for projecting natural light further into rooms. The horizontal grooves also project length, making areas seem wider than they actually are.…

Reflective Ceramic Tile

For a sleek and modern design, you can’t beat ceramic tile. Tile comes in a wide variety of styles, making it the perfect material for both floors and walls. For example, the tiles on the floor in this room are dark, with a soft texture. This reduces the amount of light reflected, softening the harshness…

Clay-Look Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made from naturally occurring materials, and that makes it the perfect material for creating rooms like this. Because tiles come in many styles, clay looks like this can be done in a variety of ways. On the floor, the tile is made in slats, giving the room a lengthy, minimalist look. The…

Custom-Designed Ceramic Tile Slabs

At first glance, the only noticeable tile in this room is the floor. The large tile slabs are perfect for furniture with metal legs, since ceramic tile is a highly durable material. Tile is also low-maintenance and water-, mildew-, and bacteria-resistant, ideal for lounges like this that are likely to have heavy foot traffic and…

Textured Concrete-Look Tile

As gray tones continue to trend in commercial industrial decor, designers have been embracing the industrial look and applying it to home decor. These soft gray ceramic tiles emulate a rough concrete look, yet the color and texture pattern has a warm vibe that breaks up a long, monotonous slab. This shade of gray also…

Honey Herringbone Wood-Look Tile Floor

Capture a stunning wood-look pattern in your home with ceramic tile. This room shows off a honey-colored herringbone wood-look ceramic tile floor that makes all other decor secondary. This pristine look is also easy to maintain with ceramic tile’s resistance to scuffs, dents, stains, and scratches.

Ceramic Tile Wall With a Tree Design

When you want to have a visually stunning design that customers see when they enter your hotel, restaurant, or place of business, nothing fits the bill quite like tile. Each piece of this ceramic tile looks like it’s a part of a tree, with complex rings that vary in sizes. This earthy texture provides a…

Wood-Look Tile Floor and White Textured Tile Wall

This wood-look ceramic tile flooring is gorgeous and sets off the equally stunning textured tile wall. What a combination to give this room a unique look and feel that can only be accomplished with ceramic tile. Also, tile is easy to clean and maintain, meaning less time spent cleaning your bedroom and more time relaxing.

Rustic Wood-Look Tile Flooring

The clean lines of the modern counter in this kitchen contrast with the rustic flooring. Despite the wood look, this flooring is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is an ideal flooring for kitchens with its easy-care maintenance and durable surface resistant to stains, scratches, and fading. Versatile ceramic tile marries the heritage of tile and the…


Earthy charcoal colors blend with contemporary greys to bring you a flooring choice that makes the fusion of mid-century American decor and Victorian architecture a stroke of genius. Smartly choosing heat-resistant ceramic tile around a fireplace makes your home as safe as it is stylish. Use this neutral palette to accent with your favorite bold…


Team up the trending modern farmhouse style and the simplicity of new industrial home design with a wood-face ceramic tile. The high contrast grain texture of this tile makes whites pop while welcoming accent colors from light wood shades to sleek black-blacks. More durable and versatile than wood flooring, ceramic style can be used in…

D124-2017-VIGNONI VW 8 7.5×40

It might be called a tuxedo look. Yes, it has that 007 look to it—handsome, mysterious, and a little bit daring. Timeless black and white fashion is all the rage again and contemporary design has black and white matched with “geige,” a neutral grey-beige that brings distinction to any space. Notice how this dark wood…

D124-2017-VIGNONI VW 10 20×120

A chevron denotes rank in service. This bold chevron pattern in large planks of ceramic tile honey wood tones has our attention. It’s subtle and bold, rugged and clean, all at the same time. Use this look as the foundation for dramatic furnishings or combine it with sleek neutrals. The wood grain of this ceramic…

D124-2017-VIGNONI WOOD VW 1 20×120

Wood grain ceramic tile (the colors of your Grandaddy’s barn) panels laid in squares of even panels alternating on a diamond angle lead the eye through your refurbished loft living room and down the hall. Billowing cotton (that’s Grandma’s influence) dress windows where your same flooring is a pedestal for dreaming. Add a touch of…