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Blue Tiled Bar

The metallic blues of these square and horizontal tiles provide a calm richness and sophistication. Light plays off the mosaic tiles, tempting your mind to wander to far-off places while you enjoy a relaxing beverage. The horizontal beige glass tiles provide symmetry to the wood of the lower bar, without disrupting the dreamy feel. Bring…

Iridescent Tiled Fireplace

Everything in this eclectic living room says “living color,” from the bright, berry-colored walls, to the velvety turquoise armchair, to the pièce de résistance fireplace in eye-popping iridescent mosaic tiles. Ceramic tile is nonflammable and is a versatile option for fireplaces, providing an unparalleled variety of styles so you can find the perfect tile for…

Gold Wall Tile

Richness and elegance line these walls with textured golden ceramic tile. A sumptuous gold accent wall adds visual interest and makes a statement without the need for further decoration. The neutral color of this wall would pair well with colorful furniture for a not-so-subtle modern treatment. Once reserved for royalty, gold gives you a house…

Metallic Tile Exterior

They say that less is more, and you’ve never seen the saying embodied so well. As you approach this building, the large-format dark metal tiles immediately capture your attention. Unable to look away, you stop in your tracks to ponder the natural beauty of the sky, clouds, and trees reflected in the natural beauty of…

Cloudy Metallic Tile

Sometimes ceramic tile takes your breath away just by enhancing the beauty of your surroundings. This large-paneled, monochromatic, reflective tile does just that, creating a nearly seamless extension of blue sky and white cotton clouds. This little view of heaven may have you wondering if you’re really where you need to be, or if the…