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3D Craggy Tile in a Brickwork Pattern

Tile is art, and anyone who disagrees can take a look at this unique tile feature wall. The layout may be a typical brickwork pattern, but everything else is one of a kind, from the three-dimensional craggy look of the tiles to the varying colors and glosses. With such an exceptional design, we’re not sure…

Smooth Wall Tiles

Texture is one of the nicest parts about tile, since every tile can be molded to feel a different way. In this bathroom, the tiles look and feel like they’ve been slowly formed and softened by the ocean. Of course, tile is actually water-resistant and the perfect material to use in bathrooms. But the look…

Tile Wall With Multiple Colors and Textures

The versatility of ceramic tile is stunning, and often surprising, especially when a designer creates a style like this with multiple textures and colors combining in a way you would never have imagined. Up close, you can appreciate the subtle differences of each tile. From a distance, this combination may remind you of bamboo.

3D Wall Tiles

Look closer. A small ridge runs down the center of each of these ceramic tiles, projecting the center of the tile toward you. This ridge separates the two sides of the tile and influences how the light hits each side, making some parts seem lighter or darker than others. Each tile also has a different…

Glossy and Craggy Wall Tile

For a unique and stunning surface, no material better than ceramic tile exists. This example shows tile’s versatility in color, shape, texture, finish, and dimension. Ceramic tile is also water-, stain-, dent-, scratch-, fire-, mold-, and mildew-resistant. Add to this beautiful and durable package that ceramic tile is made of naturally occurring materials and that…

Redbird Restaurant’s Ebony Ceramic Tile Floor

Housed in the rectory of a 19th century cathedral, this restaurant retains much of the vibe of its former self. Ceramic tile flooring in ebony gives the otherwise ethereal space a grounded feeling. Ceramic tile is inherently strong and durable, with a finish that can survive many years of foot traffic. The fire-hardened surface is…

Metal-Look Tile & Wood-Look Tile

This airy great room has the space to play, with a modern interpretation of rustic charm. A center stage feature wall and oxidized metal-look tile floors blend with chunky wood and bold white furniture for a contemporary feel that’s very much at home on the ranch.

Oxidized Metal-Look Tile Flooring for a Restaurant

That cool new place downtown transforms from a hot lunch spot to a hot date meet-up seemingly without effort. Perhaps it’s the chameleon quality of this charcoal industrial look ceramic tile. By day, it’s cool and unassuming. By night, it’s sultry and romantic. Whatever time of day, this tile is built to serve up an…

Oxidized Metal-Look Tile Office Flooring

There’s a storm coming, a brainstorm, that is. That’s okay, ceramic tile can take all you can throw at it. Durable under heavy foot traffic, ceramic tile is scratch, dent, heat, moisture, and bacteria resistant. When ideas call for a new plan, ceramic tile has you covered (meant that). There will be no worries about…

Blue Oxidized-Look Tile Flooring

Open floor plan work space, co-work, and industrial office trends have no need to compromise on healthy and safety when using ceramic tile. Choose from a vast selection of colors shapes and sizes to lend an industrial flavor to a hip business that shows they get the job done. Breathe fresh air into the design…

Cement-Look Tile for a Store’s Flooring

This store’s design leads you with a clever layout of large panel cement-look ceramic tiles. The diagonal pattern directs you to products where black industrial finished ceramic tiles take over to blanket the walls. It’s a rugged look with earth tones accenting both styles of tile. Ceramic tile resists, scratches, dents, and dirt, so will…

Home Gym With Oxidized Metal Ceramic Tile Floors

This isn’t your typical home gym. The unmistakable sense of modernity in this room is softened by the oxidized metal look of the ceramic tile flooring — combining the best of both the old and the new. The crosshatch pattern of the flooring design varies the colors in the oxidation to give fluidity and movement…

Metallic Tiled Bath

All that glitters just might be SILVER! This luxurious bath gleams and sparkles just like a bathroom should. Ceramic tile is the star here, making for a water-proof installation that is show quality! The urban oxidized look of the tile flooring is a unique combination with the sparkly bits and we are absolutely star-struck.

Stone Look Office

To work with a clear head, you must rise above the city noise – a task made easy in this corner office. Large slate-look tile floors stand out in this modern workspace high above the city. Minimalist office furniture and decor work well with the busy views below. A contrast to the sleek and modern…

Metallic Zigzag

Both hexagon and metallic tile are trending right now, and with these beautiful mosaics, you don’t have to choose. Metallic hues of blue, gold, and white give these elongated hexagons a luxurious touch for your shower, backsplash, small floorspace, or even feature wall.