The variety of shapes, sizes, and styles available for white ceramic tile means white is anything but plain or boring. Gleeming, lustrious, sophisticated, charming, clean, and timeless are all adjectives that describe the versatility of white ceramic tile.

Choose white tile as a striking installation on it’s own or in combination with other colors, styles, and textures. White tile provides a particularly impressive partner when used in combination with floral and highly-patterned tile.

White shades are a staple in every decor, from farmhouse to industrial chic. Explore our white tile examples below and many more on our Pinterest board.

Bathroom With Silver Floral Tile

Upgrade your bathroom with a luxurious ceramic tile backsplash in a unique look, such as this silver floral tile pattern that creates a wallpaper look. Unlike wallpaper that can be damaged by water, this ceramic tile is water resistant and won’t change when exposed to water and steam.

White Hexagon Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Glam is king with these unique white hexagon ceramic tiles that pair beautifully with gold hardware and black accessories. This bathroom has a vintage flair with a modern twist and also strikes a perfect balance of masculine AND feminine.

Marble Look Tile Mudroom

Who said your mud room has to be drab? The clever use of marble-look ceramic tiles in different shapes (hexagons and squares) but in the same style ensure that this mud room is anything but.

Commercial Kitchen With Quarry Tile Flooring

Quarry tile’s durability as well as slip resistance and water resistance make it an excellent choice for commercial kitchens. While design may not be the highest priority in this hard-working environment, quarry tile offers a durable work surface that’s stylish, as well.

White 3D Tile Bathroom Wall

Talk about luxury: An all-white tile three-dimensional ceramic tile feature wall makes this bathroom a pristine personal retreat and a backdrop for darker colors and wood tones to pop.