Tile manufacturing technologies have come a long way since the first tiles, but there’s still something especially charming about hand-painted tile. Hand-painted tile may serve as art itself, or it can be used to add style to any tile application. Unique colors and incredibly creative patterns are possible with hand-painted tile, allowing designers and homeowners to create one-of-a-kind spaces.

Ceramic tile is resistant to water, scratches, stains, and fading. Whether you’re using your tile for a backsplash, flooring, shower, or anything else, the hand-painted tile design will continue looking brand new for decades.

Explore our hand-painted tile ideas below, and consider the different colors, patterns, and finishes that will best suit your tile application and space.


This variegated turquoise ceramic tile in squares and stacked subway shapes allow the wall and island backsplash to catch the light just like water, transporting us to the Mediterranean coast—a bold choice for costal decor or a contemporary design.

Moss Green Tile Cafe

Soak up the nourishing benefits of biophilic ceramic tile with this variegated stacked subway tile in moss green. Green decor choices are a stylish way to bring the restorative effects of outdoors inside and ceramic tile offers a huge variety of green shades to choose from.

Bathroom With Variegated Moss Green Tile

Make your bathroom a relaxing haven with this variegated green square tile backsplash that goes from floor to ceiling. A vast variety of green shades are available for you to choose from in ceramic tile to find the perfect green for your project.

Wood-Look Tile Master Bathroom

The dream master bathroom of your adulthood meets the dream treehouse of your youth with this gorgeous wood-look ceramic tile. Wood in a bathroom? Perfectly safe with water-resistant ceramic tile! This curbless shower design makes for a bathroom that will provide universal design for all ages.

Floral Bathroom Floor Tile

This floral ceramic tile bathroom flooring creates a beautiful atmosphere for soaking in the tub. It’s easy to decorate (or not) around feature tile such as this. Keep it simple and let the flooring be a main attraction.