Ceramic tile with graphic or geometric patterns can add a playful touch to any space, and is often soothing with repetitive angles and lines.

You can achieve a graphic or geometric tile pattern in two ways: The first is to arrange a specific tile shape (or shapes) — such as hexagon tiles, triangle tiles, diamond tiles, trapezoid tiles, circle tiles, or square tiles — in a geometric pattern. You can use a standard pattern or play around with the tile layout to create the look or illusion of your choice.

The second way to create a graphic tile pattern is to use tiles that have patterns printed onto them. Advances in manufacturing technology make any tile pattern possible, so there’s no lack of options to choose from. Additionally, some tiles can create different graphic patterns depending on how they are oriented to each other. Best way to figure out your unique pattern? Arrange the tiles on a piece of paper or carboard the size of your installation area and rearrange until you achieve the pattern you want.

We’ve compiled examples of both of these types of geometric tile patterns below and on our Pinterest board, so explore and get inspired for your project.