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Gray and White Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Ceramic tile patterns have been around for hundreds of years, ranging from simple designs to complex mosaics. Even something as simple as hexagons add depth to what would otherwise be a normal kitchen. Ceramic tile has always been a popular option for backsplashes, and adding a little flare with a design gives your kitchen more…

3D Wall Tiles

Look closer. A small ridge runs down the center of each of these ceramic tiles, projecting the center of the tile toward you. This ridge separates the two sides of the tile and influences how the light hits each side, making some parts seem lighter or darker than others. Each tile also has a different…

Glossy and Craggy Wall Tile

For a unique and stunning surface, no material better than ceramic tile exists. This example shows tile’s versatility in color, shape, texture, finish, and dimension. Ceramic tile is also water-, stain-, dent-, scratch-, fire-, mold-, and mildew-resistant. Add to this beautiful and durable package that ceramic tile is made of naturally occurring materials and that…

Gray Tile Flooring in a Lab

Design begins on a molecular level, harnessing energy, force, space and time. Taking inspiration from natural science, this tile opens designers to a universe of porcelain in a look that captures the relationship between matter and motion.

Wood-Look Tile for an Office Floor

Wood never goes out of style, and ceramic tile’s long-lasting durability never loses its looks. Wood-look ceramic tile is the perfect complement for modern decor, and it looks excellent with natural lighting and wooden furniture. The durability of ceramic tiles also allows for long-term use, even if you have metal chair and desk legs sliding…

3D Ceramic Tile Restaurant Wall

Now, this is a salad bar we can appreciate! Brightly lit and clearly labelled food is presented in an appetizing way and everything is so clean. Stainless steel and ceramic tile are the surfaces du jour, with a side of crystal clear glass. The 3D ceramic tiled walls are a fun way to show off…

Rustic Wood-Look Tile Flooring

The clean lines of the modern counter in this kitchen contrast with the rustic flooring. Despite the wood look, this flooring is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is an ideal flooring for kitchens with its easy-care maintenance and durable surface resistant to stains, scratches, and fading. Versatile ceramic tile marries the heritage of tile and the…

Wood-Face Ceramic Tile

Team up the trending modern farmhouse style and the simplicity of new industrial home design with a wood-face ceramic tile. The high contrast grain texture of this tile makes whites pop while welcoming accent colors from light wood shades to sleek black-blacks. More durable and versatile than wood flooring, ceramic style can be used in…

Vintage Art Deco Tile Floor Pattern

A great stylist keeps customers coming back and it’s a great design that makes them feel welcomed, attractive, and a cut above. Here, a statement deco tile adds personality to the space, with a vintage feel and jewel-toned color scheme. Ceramic tile is extremely durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Clippings and dyes are…

Oxidized Metal-Look Tile Flooring for a Restaurant

That cool new place downtown transforms from a hot lunch spot to a hot date meet-up seemingly without effort. Perhaps it’s the chameleon quality of this charcoal industrial look ceramic tile. By day, it’s cool and unassuming. By night, it’s sultry and romantic. Whatever time of day, this tile is built to serve up an…

Oxidized Metal-Look Tile Office Flooring

There’s a storm coming, a brainstorm, that is. That’s okay, ceramic tile can take all you can throw at it. Durable under heavy foot traffic, ceramic tile is scratch, dent, heat, moisture, and bacteria resistant. When ideas call for a new plan, ceramic tile has you covered (meant that). There will be no worries about…