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Blue Oxidized-Look Tile Flooring

Open floor plan work space, co-work, and industrial office trends have no need to compromise on healthy and safety when using ceramic tile. Choose from a vast selection of colors shapes and sizes to lend an industrial flavor to a hip business that shows they get the job done. Breathe fresh air into the design…

Cement-Look Tile for a Store’s Flooring

This store’s design leads you with a clever layout of large panel cement-look ceramic tiles. The diagonal pattern directs you to products where black industrial finished ceramic tiles take over to blanket the walls. It’s a rugged look with earth tones accenting both styles of tile. Ceramic tile resists, scratches, dents, and dirt, so will…

Terrazzo-Fashioned Ceramic Tile

Deep breath. You just love the look of this terrazzo-fashioned ceramic tile. Clean, bold, and modern, without a weed in sight. Shadows play. You play without worries as this ceramic tile is dutiful and beautiful through the weather extremes of heat to frost.

Stone-Look Herringbone Tile Flooring

Stone herringbone just makes you want to rhyme every word. You will definitely be in rhythm with your surroundings using this neutral, sophisticated look that says, “Hey, I’m contemporary AND comfortable. Let’s order in a pizza.” Stone-look ceramic tile is the ideal flooring for every room in your home. Water, flame, stain, and scratch resistance…

Neutral Wood-Look Tile Flooring

The variation of plank sizes and the offset grid pattern give this neutral wood look ceramic tile the edge to compliment bold furnishings and colors. When you need a flooring choice for “anything goes,” ceramic tile meets the need with choices in colors and shapes but also variations in sizes that give designs a one-of-a-kind…

Urban-Concrete Ceramic Tile Flooring

Industrial chic meets nature in this open living room. Metal accents are softened by cozy white couches and a wall of plants. Ceramic tile flooring, with an urban-concrete vibe, ties it all together with modern style in tones of rust and yellow.

Large Tiled Wall

Maintaining visual interest can be a challenge in such a large scale room. To avoid repetition on this expansive wall surface, this designer chose multiple colorways from a single tile line, and had them laid in a randomly-colored brick pattern. The coordinating dark floor tile give the dark moodiness the lobby needed, and can easily…

Stone Look Office

To work with a clear head, you must rise above the city noise – a task made easy in this corner office. Large slate-look tile floors stand out in this modern workspace high above the city. Minimalist office furniture and decor work well with the busy views below. A contrast to the sleek and modern…

Textured Tiled Wall

You’ve heard of love at first sight, but this ceramic tile takes it to the next level with a design that will impress your sense of sight and touch. Modern advancements in technology allow manufacturers to bake texture right into the tile, making designs like the one on this wall possible. And with a texture…

Distressed Stone Floor

If this floor could talk, it would likely say, “Come and sit a spell.” The gray and gold tones give the stone an oxidized look that lends a comfortable and solid feel. Every time of year will feel like a summer’s evening with the way the light plays off the colors of this ceramic throughout…

Stone Floor Store

Urban stone look ceramic tile reflects urban fashion, calling patrons inside from the busy mall. Any brand can be expressed with the variety of shapes, colors, and textures available with ceramic tile. And, the shopping bargain is realized with ceramic tile’s durability and easy maintenance. Ceramic tile offers both the lowest carbon footprint of flooring…

Honey Industrial Living Area

This industrial-inspired living room showcases a subtly metallic silver with a nod to nature. The wooden desk and stone-look floors bring the outdoors in, with warm hues. Ceramic tile is the versatile choice for flooring. Whether in a modern industrial living room or in a vintage Victorian bathroom, you can find the tile to fit…