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Origami Star-Inspired Blue Glass Tiles

These origami star-inspired blue glass tiles reflect the light in an entirely unique way, sparkling from any direction! Beautiful for use as a blue backsplash or perhaps a shower wall or maybe an endless pool… Okay, now we are dreaming, and that’s just what tile can inspire in us all. Dream your decor, and tile…

Smooth Iridescent Blue Tile Mosaic

Ceramic tile installations can combine colors and shapes to achieve one-of-a-kind looks for walls, floors, and even ceilings. Use ceramic tile in wet areas for resistance to water, mold, mildew, and bacteria. Ceramic tile is also scratch-, stain-, dent-, and fire-resistant for use in every room of your home!

Pool Tile

You relax in the sun at the edge of the pool — or are you at the beach? The texture and colors of the tile surrounding you have you transported — you can almost hear the waves. Let the blues of the pool tile mesmerize you. Even the large rectangular tile panels on the patio…

Cheerful Starred Bathroom Tile Flooring

Star gazing just took on a whole new meaning. It’s a vintage vibe using the latest in manufacturing technology — these simple square tiles form a mosaic pattern based on how the installer arranges them. Any simple decor lets this cheerful pattern shine through as the star attraction or build upon the design motif for…

Blue and Green Mosaic Backsplash

Every kitchen deserves a look that’s eye-catching, but decor in a kitchen must also be functional. This backsplash rises to the occasion with blue-toned mosaic tiles in a hexagon design that pops right off the walls. Its allure may be slightly distracting while you’re cooking dinner, but no worries — ceramic tile’s waterproof installation methods…

Blue Tiled Wall

A bold blue backsplash makes this coffee bar a good spot for a writer on a deadline. The shade has been known to stimulate creativity and productivity. a naturally calming color, blue opens up the mind to new ideas.

Multicolored Mosaic Tile

Mosaic ceramic tile is perfect for small floorspaces, showers, and backsplashes. These thin vertical rectangles will elongate whatever space they cover, and the under-the-sea blues, sandy tans, and cloudy whites will evoke the perfect day at the beach.

Blue Tiled Bar

The metallic blues of these square and horizontal tiles provide a calm richness and sophistication. Light plays off the mosaic tiles, tempting your mind to wander to far-off places while you enjoy a relaxing beverage. The horizontal beige glass tiles provide symmetry to the wood of the lower bar, without disrupting the dreamy feel. Bring…

Iridescent Blue Tile Wall and Stone-Look Tile Floor

Unconventional is an understatement when it comes to this bathroom. Stone-look ceramic tile on the walls and floors combine with the rich golden hues in the wood to set the mood. Black river rock continues the natural feel, leading to the stainless steel tub that begs for someone to soak. The wonderful metallic mosaic tile…

Bathroom Wall With Blue Mosaic Tiles

Neat and efficient, this cute little sink area makes the most of small quarters. With drawers and a mirrored medicine cabinet, you can have everything you need at the ready. Ceramic tile in a square mosaic shows off varying shades of a summer sky on the walls, while large rectangular tile covers the floor. Tile…

Blue Stone-Look Tile Floor

Blue tile is on the trend upswing—a neutral with a shot of unique. Take this blue stone effect tile laid in a running pattern. Pair it with dark woods and bright whites to show off this tile’s timeless, yet up-to-the-minute style. And, style is no compromise on performance because ceramic tile is moisture and flame…

Mid Mod Wall Tile

Midcentury shapes with a more modern hue grace this wall. Pale lilac seems to whisper from the wall. Don’t let the delicate appearance fool you, though, because ceramic tile is durable and has long-lasting color that won’t fade in the sunlight. Fire-hardened tile is also scratch-resistant, so the ever-so-soft color of these tiles will stay…

Blue Delft-Like Tile

With a nod to Delft china, these ceramic tiles are a delight in white and cobalt blue. With its cousin, smalt, cobalt blue has been adding the signature, deep blue color to artwork for centuries. Ceramic tile has a heritage that spans history and the globe because it is durable and beautiful, and provides a…

Blue Stone Tile Business Center

Efficiency floods this room with its bold red accents and clean white tables. Ceramic tile stone-look floors really get down to business too, with orderly lines in shades of slate blue. Nothing says let’s get down to work quite like ceramic tile’s low maintenance and long-lasting good looks.

Wood Look Bar

This vantage point looking down on an exquisite bar gives new meaning to the phrase, “watering hole.” Yet, there seems to be a nod to water with this wood effect ceramic tile in earthy shades accented by blonder panels and weathered grey-blue. Ceramic tile is more durable than traditional wood flooring and won’t dent or…