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What Grout Should I Use?

Use this general guide from the National Tile Contractors Association to better understand what your professional tile contractor will consider when assisting you in selecting the best grout for your project. Download PDF    

Using Industry-Wide Guidance for Ceramic tile, Mortar, and Grout Ingredient Reporting

Highlighted in the Tile Council of North America’s Material Ingredient Guide are four steps toward material ingredient transparency: Inventory, Screening and Assessment, Disclosure, and Optimization. Following these steps can support ceramic tile, mortar, and grout manufacturer efforts in developing material ingredient reports that satisfy common A&D criteria, through which there is an opportunity for product…

Life Cycle Cost Analysis — Floor Coverings Comparison Report

The Tile Council of North America commissioned an independent consultant, Emily Lorenz, PE, F-ACI, to conduct a Life Cycle Cost Analysis study. There are several methods available to evaluate and compare the economic performance of products or systems. For this study, life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is used to compare 18 flooring types. An LCCA is…

Choosing Your Tile Contractor

This bulletin from the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) outlines considerations to look for when selecting a tile contractor. The difference between trained, experienced installers and inexperienced installers is noticeably reflected in their work, and the difference between a quality contractor and a deficient one is reflected in their service and business operations. Download…

Leaky Shower infographic

Leaky Shower Tips

A leaking tiled shower can be the result of an unqualified person performing the work. A leaking shower can damage other areas of the bathroom or even the room below the shower. There are multiple reasons why this could happen. Download PDF

Flooring Ingredient Comparison Chart

Some flooring materials may have ingredients that can irritate certain health concerns. This chart summarizes which flooring materials are free of occupant health concerns.

Guide to LEED v4 and Tile

LEED green building rating systems allow builders, owners, and tenants to evaluate the overall sustainability of their projects and gain points toward certification.

EPD Sustainability Guide

A guide to how tile delivers both performance and transparency in terms of sustainability, whether your project is residential or commercial.