Advances in manufacturing technology have brought ceramic tile to another dimension.

Whereas tile has historically been flat, it now comes in surfaces as dimensionally diverse as the world we live in. Choose between tile that ripples like waves, evokes rolling hills, struts industrial angles, and more.

As with all ceramic tile, three-dimensional tile is water-, stain-, scratch-, and fade-resistant and noncombustible, making it suitable for just about any application. Pair your favorite 3D tile look with the tile color, pattern, shape, texture, and layout of your choice to create the perfect design for your space.

We’ve compiled our favorite three-dimensional tile examples below to get you started. For more 3D tile ideas, visit our Pinterest board.

Marble Look Tile Mudroom

Who said your mud room has to be drab? The clever use of marble-look ceramic tiles in different shapes (hexagons and squares) but in the same style ensure that this mud room is anything but.

White 3D Tile Bathroom Wall

Talk about luxury: An all-white tile three-dimensional ceramic tile feature wall makes this bathroom a pristine personal retreat and a backdrop for darker colors and wood tones to pop.

Textured White Wall Tile

With such beautiful textured tile to look at, dish duty doesn’t sound so bad. Don’t worry — ceramic tile is both water- and stain-resistant, so cleanup is easy. Even this small kitchen space is design savvy with ceramic tile.

Rounded and Glossy Backsplash Tile Grid

Is your kitchen lacking a main attraction? This space shows you how to add a showstopper that has both looks and functionality. The backsplash features a standard square grid, but there’s nothing typical about the tiles within it. Each square has a rounded surface and a heavy gloss, making you want to reach out and…

Gold Subway Tile Backsplash

The yellow brick road takes on new meaning in this glamorous backsplash. Golden mini subway tile with slight color discoloration creates a visual display everyone will be following (with their gaze).

3D Glass-Look Tile Backsplash

Looking for tile that pops? Modern tile manufacturing makes 3D tile designs like this glass-look tile possible. This double herringbone pattern creates even more interest for a unique installation.