Advances in manufacturing technology have brought ceramic tile to another dimension.

Whereas tile has historically been flat, it now comes in surfaces as dimensionally diverse as the world we live in. Choose between tile that ripples like waves, evokes rolling hills, struts industrial angles, and more.

As with all ceramic tile, three-dimensional tile is water-, stain-, scratch-, and fade-resistant and noncombustible, making it suitable for just about any application. Pair your favorite 3D tile look with the tile color, pattern, shape, texture, and layout of your choice to create the perfect design for your space.

We’ve compiled our favorite three-dimensional tile examples below to get you started. For more 3D tile ideas, visit our Pinterest board.

3D Wall Tiles

Look closer. A small ridge runs down the center of each of these ceramic tiles, projecting the center of the tile toward you. This ridge separates the two sides of the tile and influences how the light hits each side, making some parts seem lighter or darker than others. Each tile also has a different…