Want the luxurious look of marble but the benefits of ceramic tile? Marble-look tile is the way to go.

Marble-look ceramic tile is easy to maintain, resistant to stains and scratches, and available in slip-resistant options. Plus, manufacturing technologies are capable of creating ceramic tile to look like any kind of marble (including rare marble looks that are hard to find) and uniquely creative twists on marble. Talk about one-of-a-kind tile.

Marble-look tile can come in just about any shade, and the most popular options are whites and creams and blacks and browns. Whereas light marble-look tile has a fresh and clean look, dark marble looks evoke a moody, dreamy feeling.

Different veining options also influence the impact of marble-look tile: The veins can be thin or thick, and there can be a lot of them or few. The size of the tiles you use will also affect the look of the veining, as smaller tiles will interrupt the veining and create more lines, and larger tiles will create a more minimalist look.

Get inspiration for your marble tile project below. For more marble-look tile ideas, visit our Marble-Look Ceramic Tile and Dark Marble-Look Tile Pinterest boards.

Black Marble-Look Herringbone Tile Floor

Marble is everywhere, but you’ve probably never seen a ceramic tile black marble look like this before. In addition to the lightning bolts of white veining that shoot out across each tile, the material also features speckles of white that bring to mind the stars in the sky. A herringbone tile pattern ensures that the veining and other markings are scattered across the space, giving the floor a perfectly fragmented look.

Cement Gray Marble-Look Bathroom Tile

The marble look is one of your many design options when choosing ceramic tile, but even then, you can choose between many different colors, veining characteristics, tile sizes and patterns, and more. This bathroom utilizes a cement gray marble look with stark but sparse white veining throughout the entire space. A standard square grid is seen throughout, with large tiles everywhere except for the shower floor. What does your dream marble-look tile look like?