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Easy to clean wood-look ceramic tile.

A beautiful entryway deserves gorgeous dark wood-look ceramic tile that protects your home from all the elements you (or your pets or kids) may drag in. Easy cleaning means this entryway remains something to look forward to every time you return home.

Concrete-Look Ceramic Tiles in an Arrow Pattern

Ceramic tile allows you to be creative — no drab grays here! The floor looks like textured concrete at first glance, but the small grout spaces between the tiles show just how versatile the material can be. The wall also makes use of a concrete-look tile, only these tiles are designed to make an arrow…

Concrete-Look Wall Tiles

Textured to represent concrete or clay, these gray tiles shine brightly when the light hits, revealing every groove and line in the material. Even though the color is relatively neutral, the design is useful for projecting natural light further into rooms. The horizontal grooves also project length, making areas seem wider than they actually are.…

Reflective Ceramic Tile

For a sleek and modern design, you can’t beat ceramic tile. Tile comes in a wide variety of styles, making it the perfect material for both floors and walls. For example, the tiles on the floor in this room are dark, with a soft texture. This reduces the amount of light reflected, softening the harshness…

Pop Art Tile Mural and Offset Checkered Tile Floor

Add the perfect touch of pop art to your modern home with tile. You can customize tile with any pattern you want, bringing your unique style to your home. Also, tile is water-, bacteria-, and mildew-resistant, so this art will be protected in the event of an accident. Tile is highly durable, meaning that this…

Textured Concrete-Look Tile

As gray tones continue to trend in commercial industrial decor, designers have been embracing the industrial look and applying it to home decor. These soft gray ceramic tiles emulate a rough concrete look, yet the color and texture pattern has a warm vibe that breaks up a long, monotonous slab. This shade of gray also…

Glossy and Craggy Wall Tile

For a unique and stunning surface, no material better than ceramic tile exists. This example shows tile’s versatility in color, shape, texture, finish, and dimension. Ceramic tile is also water-, stain-, dent-, scratch-, fire-, mold-, and mildew-resistant. Add to this beautiful and durable package that ceramic tile is made of naturally occurring materials and that…

Wood-Look Tile in a Large-Scale Crosshatch Pattern

The gorgeous decor of this hallway is such that you don’t know where to look first, but your gaze inevitably falls to the crosshatch patterned floor. The usually small-scale pattern is blown up into large rectangular tiles, making the detail in each tile visible from your viewpoint. And with this rustic wood-look floor, each tile…

Gray Wood-Look Tile Backsplash in a Chevron Pattern

Ceramic tile can be used on walls as both a feature decor element and a backdrop to showcase other elements in the room. We think this chevron pattern in neutral grays does both oh so well. A wall covering this beautiful doesn’t need additional artwork, as it serves as its own artistic creation.

Wood-Look Ceramic Tile Entryway

Entryways make a statement about your home, and there’s no better way to make a grand statement than with ceramic tile. This gray, wood-look tile sets the theme in this entryway — elegance, pure and simple. Functionality is also key. With ceramic tile’s scratch, stain, and water resistance, this homeowner won’t worry about what gets…

Large-Format Hexagon Tile Floor

These floors were made for walking on, so that’s just what we’ll do. Ceramic tile is unparalleled in providing flooring that can stand up to years of the use and abuse that life drops on it. With features that appeal to the practical side as well as to the style guru inside all of us,…