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Modern Herringbone and Grid Bathroom Tile

How do you decorate large, open-concept bathrooms? When you use ceramic tile, you barely have to. The white and blue tiles on the walls provide the style direction. Blue is perfect for bathrooms for its calming nature. Combined with the white tile and organized in the herringbone pattern, this tile is reminiscent of East Coast…

Light Marble-Look Tile Bathroom

This bathroom uses the same light marble-look ceramic tile throughout in different sizes and patterns. Ceramic tile’s water-resistant installation methods make it a go-to material for designers in bathrooms and areas exposed to moistures. Also, ceramic tile comes in slip-resistant options, making it a smart choice for spill- and splash-prone areas such as bathrooms. As…

Origami-Look Blue Textured Wall Tile

Optical illusion or dimensional? At first glance, determining what this wall is made of is nearly impossible. This tile, reminiscent of origami, has a cleverly textured surface that catches the light on fractured planes. As a result, some tiles have a kaleidoscope aesthetic while other tiles seem to sink into the wall.

Bamboo-Look Mosaic Tile Feature Wall

Crisp angles are the first thing that people may notice about this tile feature wall. These tile pieces use their edges and varying colors to create an ensemble of greens with splashes of gray and brown. The colors used on this tile wall work well with earth toned decor, some of which can be seen…

Mosaic Tile Feature Wall With Diagonal Accents

Multiple styles of tile are at play in this diagonal installation, all of which work together to create this truly incredible feature wall. Installations such as this show you just how versatile tile can be, especially when using a combination of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures.

Textured Mosaic Tile in Earth Tones

A tile design such as this has a life of its own, and you can imagine running your fingers over and feeling the texture for yourself. This design uses smaller pieces of tile, but larger pieces of tile can create similarly stunning installations.

Green and Brown Textured Mosaic Tile Feature Wall

Theming a room is tough, especially if you can’t find the right materials to complement your decor style. In this case, the theme of the room is nature, which benefits from a combination of greens and browns. These different shades of green and brown resemble the growth you’d see in a forest. The wall also…

Scale-Look Blue Mosaic Backsplash Tile

In this kitchen, the backsplash is composed of tiles that look like scales, stacked on top of one another. Flowing upward, these tiles give the sense of movement. The varying shades of blue give the effect of light hitting moving water, with some parts glimmering while others remain a deep blue. The result is a…

River Rock Textured Mosaic Tile

Ceramic tile captures the beauty of both the sky and the ocean in this delightful mosaic. Because of ceramic tile’s limitless design versatility, any style is possible, including combinations of tile colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and even dimensions. Regardless of size, ceramic tile is mold, mildew, bacteria, and water-resistant, plus, available in slip- resistant options…

Iridescent blue mosaic tiles with origami cranes on top

Whimsical Blue Ceramic Tile Mosaic

Ceramic tile captures the beauty of both the sky and the ocean in this delightful mosaic. Because of ceramic tile’s limitless design versatility, any style is possible, including combinations of tile colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and even dimensions. Regardless of size, ceramic tile is mold-, mildew-, bacteria-, and water-resistant, and is available in slip- resistant…

3D Craggy Tile in a Brickwork Pattern

Tile is art, and anyone who disagrees can take a look at this unique tile feature wall. The layout may be a typical brickwork pattern, but everything else is one of a kind, from the three-dimensional craggy look of the tiles to the varying colors and glosses. With such an exceptional design, we’re not sure…

Contemporary Geometric Bathroom Tile

An excellent feature of tile is the way different shapes can combine to form a beautiful design. In this bathroom, a combination of hexagon and rhombus tiles form a geometric background to the sink and mirror, drawing the eyes to the middle of the room. Ceramic tile is water-resistant and comes in slip-resistant options, making…

Contemporary Geometric Tile

While tile can come in complex shapes that demand your attention, the simple square shape of most tiles still remains popular. Uniform shapes and patterns are a hallmark of many modern designs, one reason why square tiles are in this room. The geometric artwork on the wall says it all — this is a room…

Large Ceramic Tile Slabs in Marble and Floral Looks

Not only is tile a versatile material, but highly customized designs are available to create unique spaces. This bathroom uses large slabs of marble-style tile to bring light through the window and into the far end of the room. On the way is a can’t-miss floral pattern. To finish off this high-end bathroom, slatted floors…

Bathroom Feature Wall With Ceramic Tile in an Arrow Pattern

Because bathrooms are wet and humid by nature, tile is often used to protect the walls and floor (and also add a wallop of style and character). The goal with many modern bathrooms is to allow natural light in without allowing much visibility of the room from outside. Ceramic tile patterns, like the one on…

Marble-Look Tile Floor and Tile Slab Wall With a Leaf Pattern

Bring peace and relaxation into your home with tile. Bathrooms — which are subject to daily moisture — have taken advantage of tile’s water-resistant nature for years. Designers can now customize tile more than ever. The wall and floor in this bathroom are a marble-look tile that flows continuously across the room. The back wall,…

Sea Green and Brown Tile Mosaic

Because of its durability, versatility, and style, tile has been a popular material for homes for thousands of years. Mosaic tile is often used in homes today, as it is in this bathroom. With a combination of sea green and brown tiles, a complex mosaic is formed around the bath. While these tiles are small,…