Case Study

Owen Roberts International Airport

Case Study:
Owen Roberts International Airport

Porcelain tile prepares the Owen Roberts International Airport to welcome visitors to the Cayman Islands!


Project Description

After 50 years of welcoming visitors to the beautiful beaches of the Cayman Islands, Owen Roberts International Airport desperately needed a renovation to accommodate the rising number of travelers.

Over two million people arrive each year to experience the Cayman Islands’ famous beaches, waters, and coral reefs. To accommodate record levels of travel, Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA) on Grand Cayman needed to expand and renovate the current facility.  

The ORIA renovation included unique project twists. Instead of running on “island time,” a project like this required additional planning and attention. Shipments to the construction site had to be delivered on time while keeping an eye on the weather to avoid delays. An even greater challenge was working in both new and renovated areas while maintaining the flight schedule and security concerns of a fully operational airport.

Large format porcelain tile was the flooring material of choice for the renovation. 130,000 square feet of large format 24” x 24” porcelain tile and 6” x 12” cove base tile was installed at ORIA to match the increased scope and scale of the airport. 


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The renovation allowed both arrival and departure flights to be expanded and a new food court is being planned to service the additional space.  With a more spacious area for customs and the passenger greeting areas, larger service areas, and accommodation for additional luggage carousels, the airport can now service larger aircraft. The airport renovation also features a domed roof to mimic the shell of a sea turtle, an iconic symbol of this Caribbean paradise.

The decision for choosing ceramic tile and the tile installation method for ORIA was selected with the needs of the travelers, the design, the concourse movement, and the tropical climate in mind. The simple tile design and the mixture of neutral shades of tan provides a contemporary and simple background for the wonders of the natural world waiting outside the airport. 

Cayman airways celebrated their 50-year anniversary in 2018, the year the renovation was completed. The durability and low-maintenance of ceramic tile provides a floor to last Cayman Airways many more years of service!


Project Details

Tile Contractor:
Paramount Carpet and Mozaic Creations

George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Island


General Contractor:
McAlpine Ltd.

Tile Category:
 Industrial/Heavy Commercial

main walkways, restroom floors, restroom walls

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