Case Study

Beachcombers Restaurant and Wet Whistle Poolside Bar

Case Study:
Beachcombers Restaurant and Wet Whistle Poolside Bar

Ceramic tile’s durability is put to the test in this beachfront restaurant.


Project Description

The design of the Beachcombers Restaurant and Wet Whistle poolside bar at the Hilton Myrtle Beach Hotel in South Carolina blurs the boundaries between indoors and out.

The bar’s open-floor concept extends the lobby into the restaurant lounge and out to the pool and pool bar. The patterns, textures, and colors of materials chosen for the project intend to mimic reflections on the ocean waves by incorporating a recurrent ocean blue accent on a neutral palette. Ceramic tile was a key material selected for the project because of its design versatility and strong performance against the harsh beachfront winds, salt, humid air, and pool water chlorine.


Why Tile®?

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Careful planning and consideration ensured the chosen materials for this project would endure the South Florida weather while also meeting International Building Code standards. The cladding material needed to be light enough so that it could be handled by as few workers as possible and adhered quickly. This is important to note for the Bhojwani project—a location on a busy street corner in the heart of the tourist district. If the architects had specified natural stone, the project team would have faced time-consuming challenges and safety issues. Lightweight, 1M x 3M porcelain panels were specified, which required only a three-man crew to lift the tiles through the scaffolding and put in place – reducing both time and risk factors for the project during installation.

Beyond the benefits of installation efficiencies, the tile panels’ classic, timeless look answered aesthetic demands, and are strong enough to withstand the harsh South Florida elements. Innately resistant to UV rays and highly scratch-and abrasion resistant, the porcelain panels are eco-friendly, are comprised of natural raw materials, and do not release toxins into the environment.

Right style, right performance, right for the environment— Bhojwani Tower’s updated porcelain tile exterior ideally met Miami Beach’s preservation standards, established to preserve the season-less appeal of this international travel destination.


Project Details

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

LHK Design

Pool bar island, all indoor seating areas, outdoor seating areas, pool bar area, walls, and various defined lounging spaces

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