Designers all over the world are turning to ceramic tile to create the classic look of hardwood with the superior advantages of tile.

Ceramic tile provides a waterproof installation system so that you can have a wood look in moisture-prone areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom, without fear of water damage — something that would be a big concern with hardwood. Tile’s fire-hardened surface doesn’t fade or warp in the sun and many options can withstand freeze and thaw cycles, which makes ceramic tile an excellent choice for a wood look on outdoor patios or porches in any climate. Slip-resistant tile options are also available for added peace of mind.

Ceramic tile’s versatile functionality allows you to use the same wood-look tile throughout your entire house, from the wraparound porch, to the living room and kitchen, to the bathroom.

A vast amount of wood-look tile designs, colors, shapes, and installation patterns are available. Are you inspired for your project by our wood-look tile examples? Find more wood-look tile ideas on our Pinterest board.