You might think of tiles as being square or rectangle, but ceramic tile comes in a wide variety of shapes. Circle tile (or penny round tile), hexagon tile, triangle tile, trapezoid tile, and diamond tile are all popular tile shapes, and tile is also available in irregular shapes for a one-of-a-kind design.

Whichever tile shape you choose, the tile layout, color, pattern, and texture will all contribute to the look of your project. The same tile shape can look completely unique when paired with different design choices.

You have a lot of options to select from, and picking your tile shape is a great place to start. Explore our different tile shape examples below to get started, and then visit our Tile Shapes page and Pinterest board for more tile shape ideas.

3D Glass-Look Tile Backsplash

Looking for tile that pops? Modern tile manufacturing makes 3D tile designs like this glass-look tile possible. This double herringbone pattern creates even more interest for a unique installation.

Ceramic Tile Flooring in a Plaid Pattern

Plaid never goes out of style, as this living room flooring clearly proves. Using neutral tones keeps the pattern from becoming too busy, while printing the pattern diagonally across the tiles adds visual interest. Additionally, because color is baked into ceramic tile, you needn’t worry about this sunny location fading the tile over time.

Tile Flooring With an Intersecting Circle Pattern

Why choose just one ceramic tile design for your space when you could have two? The patterned tile with intersecting circles delineates the seating area, while a coordinating gray-brown tile is used for the rest of the space. This attention to design elevates the decor of this cafe from ordinary to EXTRAordinary.

Art Deco Mosaic Hexagon Tile Wal

As with an exquisite chandelier, these pearl and silver elongated mosaic hexagon tiles drip down the wall in an Art Deco-esque zigzag pattern. The pattern creates a wallpaper look but with the bonus of durability and easy cleaning you get with tile.