Metal-look tile is a glam option that can create a strong impact in any space, or decor style. You might find metallic tile backsplashes in kitchens because metal-look tile pairs well with stainless steel appliances, but you can use this look to add full-on shimmer to any room.

Popular options for metallic tile include gold tile, silver tile, bronze tile, and chrome tile. Can’t choose just one? Mixed-metals give you all the options! Metal-look tile also comes in both brushed and polished surfaces, as well as various options for three-dimensional tiles (metallic 3D tiles “pop” in more ways than one!).

The level of impact that your metal-look tile makes depends entirely on your design choices, so you can find the perfect metallic tile for your home or business. Get inspiration from our metal-look tile examples below, and then head to our Pinterest board for more ideas.

Kitchen With Vintage Patterned Tile

Have an open-concept home? Transitioning from one tile look to another can help you delineate specific areas while still maintaining an open floorplan. This flooring incorporates a “rug” accent of patterned tile that ties together all the kitchen elements: appliances, cabinetry, countertops, wall color, and backsplash.

Industrial Chic Cement-Look Tile Flooring

Create an industrial chic look in your home or restaurant (or office space) with ceramic tile that pairs the look of cement with the superior functionality of tile. The easy cleaning of ceramic tile is welcomed in any space, but especially spaces that are shared.

Concrete-Look Tile Cafe Flooring

Industrial chic looks are trending in both businesses and homes, and concrete-look tile is the perfect material choice: durability and easy maintenance for the win! Choose ceramic tile for spaces that need to be cleaned quickly in order to create a hygienic environment for shared spaces.

Cement-Look Tile Patio Flooring

Want a cement look for your patio but worried about damage from water, fading, or freeze-thaw cycles? Ceramic tile can provide the exact look you’re imagining without any of these concerns. Plus, you have the vast options of ceramic tile’s colors and patterns to choose from for your ultimate outdoor space.