Metal-look tile is a glam option that can create a strong impact in any space, or decor style. You might find metallic tile backsplashes in kitchens because metal-look tile pairs well with stainless steel appliances, but you can use this look to add full-on shimmer to any room.

Popular options for metallic tile include gold tile, silver tile, bronze tile, and chrome tile. Can’t choose just one? Mixed-metals give you all the options! Metal-look tile also comes in both brushed and polished surfaces, as well as various options for three-dimensional tiles (metallic 3D tiles “pop” in more ways than one!).

The level of impact that your metal-look tile makes depends entirely on your design choices, so you can find the perfect metallic tile for your home or business. Get inspiration from our metal-look tile examples below, and then head to our Pinterest board for more ideas.