Have a little fun with your home or business decor with artistic tile. Artistic tile may serve as art itself, or it can add an artful touch to your project. Artistic tile is often hand-painted, but modern manufacturing technology is also capable of printing intricate patterns directly onto tiles and creating just about any design, including custom visuals.

Artistic tile installations can proudly display creative patterns or a unique combination of colors, finishes, textures, and layouts.

While you may need to take special care of some kinds of art, that isn’t the case with artistic tile. Ceramic tile is resistant to water, stains, scratches, and fading, so you can use it in any application without damaging the design or the tile itself. Get ideas for your artistic tile project by exploring our examples below.

Moss Green Tile Cafe

Soak up the nourishing benefits of biophilic ceramic tile with this variegated stacked subway tile in moss green. Green decor choices are a stylish way to bring the restorative effects of outdoors inside and ceramic tile offers a huge variety of green shades to choose from.

Bathroom With Variegated Moss Green Tile

Make your bathroom a relaxing haven with this variegated green square tile backsplash that goes from floor to ceiling. A vast variety of green shades are available for you to choose from in ceramic tile to find the perfect green for your project.

Beige GaugedPorcelain Tile Pavers

Pinkish beige gauged porcelain tile pavers and pearly white wall tile complement the pretty-in-pink paint color of this indoor-outdoor space. Note that ceramic tile has many options that withstand freeze-thaw cycles so that you can use ceramic tile in these spaces without worry of damage.