Glossy Gray Subway Tiles

These ceramic tiles glisten their elongated subway tile style. A twist on the time-honored favorite, this design incorporates a slight texture, gloss finish, and a calming gray hue to create a new look.

Gray Tile Flooring in a Lab

Design begins on a molecular level, harnessing energy, force, space and time. Taking inspiration from natural science, this tile opens designers to a universe of porcelain in a look that captures the relationship between matter and motion.

Wood-Look Restaurant Tile Floor

Dine in style! The lovely wood grain texture of this ceramic tile offsets contemporary furnishings and traditional decor alike. Ceramic tile is scratch-, dent-, stain-, and water-resistant and the most durable of any flooring choice, ideal for durability in popular public spaces.

Textured Oversized Herringbone Tile Floor

Large floorspaces call for large patterns, like the oversized herringbone design in this building’s common area. If it weren’t for the bold yellow chairs beckoning you to take a seat, you might just have to follow one of the paths created by the tiles’ alternating colors, and see how far it takes you. While at…

Hardwood-Look Flooring With a Twist

A classic-looking living room, but with a twist — or two. The first twist is the obvious one: The classic pattern traditionally paired with hardwood is inverted to give us this much more fun herringbone layout. And the second twist? This flooring isn’t hardwood at all, but wood-look ceramic tile. This ceramic tile provides the…

Black Marble-Look Ceramic Tile Wall

The joyless act of waiting for the elevator is joyless no more. With long panels of golden black marble-look ceramic tile facing your building’s visitors, they will be mesmerized by a vision as stunning as lightning, and less fleeting. And, with durable, scratch-resistant, and slip-resistant ceramic tile under their feet, you’ll be satisfied, too, knowing…

Striped Subway Tiles

If you still think of tiles as monochromatic squares, let us get you up to speed. Tiles can be any size or shape, and advances in technology mean that any design you can imagine — and yes, we mean any — can be printed directly onto ceramic tile. That’s what makes this intricate and eye-catching…