Transitions from here to there and back again with unique tile style.



  1. Transitional space for blending or introducing décor styles
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Style statement in limited area
  4. Durable materials stand up to repeated, heavy traffic

Room Type

A ceramic tile hallway design can blend adjacent design styles and/or introduce a design statement.

Outside to inside and room to room, ceramic tile creates style-full surfaces that provide beautiful way-finding details.

Use the wide variety of ceramic tile shapes, styles, and colors to strategically lead guests though an environment. For example, a hallway that uses color to direct guests toward a registration area or a hallway in an open floor plan that artfully defines spaces without using walls. 

Easy maintenance and cleaning is essential for hallway areas, which receive the heaviest foot traffic and can be subject to outdoor elements we bring inside. Ceramic tile is easy to clean (often with just water), does not harbor dust mites, and is inhospitable to bacteria, fungi, mold, and other irritants that contribute to allergies

Hallways have ceased to be a boring design space and now can provide a fun accent or style statement for your project. Because ceramic tile offers options that are slip-resistant and freeze-thaw resistant, you can use the same tile throughout your project and even continue the style outside and/or into areas exposed to moisture. 

Let your imagination lead you to your ideal hallway design with ceramic tile!

Tile Buying Guide

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