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Mediterranean-Style Ceramic Tile Sink

Che bel lavandino! What a beautiful sink, which could be in an Italian villa or in your home. Ceramic tile has an endless variety of design options, such as this stone-look design with a beautiful old-word patina. Ceramic tile is the right choice for bathrooms, with resistance to water, mold, mildew and bacteria. Durable and…

Distressed Terracotta-Look Floor

Earthy tones abound in this charming living room. The distressed ceramic tile floor ties together both the russet of the couches and the verdigris of the wallpaper, and the alternating grain of the tiles adds an interesting twist to a straightforward grid. You don’t need to worry about the floor actually becoming distressed — ceramic…

Red Terra Cotta Look Bar Floor

Lots of action ’round here, even if this bar doesn’t have Tom Cruise as bartender. These quarry tiles are the hardest working flooring choice, typically pulling out all the stops—stop slipping, stop moisture, stop scratches. You’ll usually find this rugged tile in commercial settings and it’s making it’s way into modern industrial residential design, as…