The terrazzo look is making a comeback, partially thanks to ceramic tile’s modern take on this retro look.

While terrazzo-look ceramic tile is available with all sizes of flecks, “chunkier” flecks are gaining in popularity because of their funky look and the ability to see all the colorful beauty of the chunks. Terrazzo-look tile is availalbe in many colors, from traditional to playfully bold. You’ll find terrazzo-look tile with low-contrast flecks that subtly reflect light and with higher contrast for a stronger impact.

Whichever style of terrazzo-look tile you choose, it will come with all the superior advantages of ceramic tile, including water, stain, scratch, fade, fire, and bacteria resistance, plus slip-resistant options.

Explore our terrazzo-look tile examples below and then visit our Pinterest board for more terrazzo-look tile ideas.

Textured White Wall Tile

With such beautiful textured tile to look at, dish duty doesn’t sound so bad. Don’t worry — ceramic tile is both water- and stain-resistant, so cleanup is easy. Even this small kitchen space is design savvy with ceramic tile.

Gemstone-Look Tile Flooring

Gorgeous natural gemstones can be right at home in your living room when you choose ceramic tile. Get the look of precious stones without the cost or sustainability issues of sourcing the real thing.

Chunky Terrazzo-Look Ceramic Tile Flooring

Chunky ceramic tile terrazzo looks are making a big comeback in decor. This trending style gives a bold texture and durability to an urban cafe and offers ceramic tile’s benefits: water-, flame-, scratch-, dent-, stain-, mold-, and bacteria resistance!

Terrazzo-Fashioned Ceramic Tile

Deep breath. You just love the look of this terrazzo-fashioned ceramic tile. Clean, bold, and modern, without a weed in sight. Shadows play. You play without worries as this ceramic tile is dutiful and beautiful through the weather extremes of heat to frost.