Terra cotta-look tile adds rustic charm to any space, evoking the Spanish or Italian countryside. These tiles are often confused actual terra cotta but they are actually quarry tile.

Quarry tile is an excellent choice because of its water resistance and frost and heat durability, meaning that you can use it outdoors without worry of damage. Actual terra cotta does not have the same level of moisture resistance or durability.

The most common color of quarry tile is red, which works well for typical terra cotta-look tile, but you can also mix it up with quarry tile in other earth tones, such as brown, tan, black, and gray.

Red Terra Cotta Look Bar Floor

Lots of action ’round here, even if this bar doesn’t have Tom Cruise as bartender. These quarry tiles are the hardest working flooring choice, typically pulling out all the stops—stop slipping, stop moisture, stop scratches. You’ll usually find this rugged tile in commercial settings and it’s making it’s way into modern industrial residential design, as…