Hexagons are one of the most popular tile shapes — and for good reason. Hexagon tile is incredibly versatile, pairing well with looks ranging from minimalism to boho chic, and provides unlimited room for creativity.

White hexagon tile has been a favorite since Victorian times, and modern designers love to play with color contrasts to emphasize the honeycomb shape. For example, choose white hexagons with black grout or, for an ultra contemporary look, black hexagons with white grout. To get even more creative, consider going with an ombre, staggered, or inlaid pattern.

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White Hexagon Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Glam is king with these unique white hexagon ceramic tiles that pair beautifully with gold hardware and black accessories. This bathroom has a vintage flair with a modern twist and also strikes a perfect balance of masculine AND feminine.

Marble Look Tile Mudroom

Who said your mud room has to be drab? The clever use of marble-look ceramic tiles in different shapes (hexagons and squares) but in the same style ensure that this mud room is anything but.

Staggered Marble- and Wook-Look Tile

When you can’t decide between two different ceramic tile styles, a staggered tile transition is a unique way to incorporate them both. Or, use a transition to create a one-of-a-kind style for your space and choose two style that work well together.

Staggered Wood- and Marble-Look Tile

This spa takes style seriously, with wood-look ceramic tile in two colors, two shapes, and a staggered tile transition. Transitioning from planks to hexagons gives this wall a unique design element that highlights the business branding and suggests movement.

Art Deco Mosaic Hexagon Tile Wal

As with an exquisite chandelier, these pearl and silver elongated mosaic hexagon tiles drip down the wall in an Art Deco-esque zigzag pattern. The pattern creates a wallpaper look but with the bonus of durability and easy cleaning you get with tile.