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Swirl Relief Wall

Ceramic tile is approved as a wall covering. The added benefit is that ceramic tile is moisture- and flame-resistant. And you thought you only cared that this 3D ceramic tile creates a feature wall that knocks your socks off. Is this a modern look or a beachy look? Perfect for a backsplash or a hotel…

Swirl Tiled Wall

Wall features absolutely set the tone of a room, and this focal point is humming along with a serene wave of stone-like swirls created from ceramic tile panels. These tiles are a cost-effective opportunity to add distinctive details to your home and that’s music to everyone’s ears. Choose from large three-dimensional ceramic tile options like…

Textured Tiled Wall

You’ve heard of love at first sight, but this ceramic tile takes it to the next level with a design that will impress your sense of sight and touch. Modern advancements in technology allow manufacturers to bake texture right into the tile, making designs like the one on this wall possible. And with a texture…

Three Dimensional Tiled Restaurant Wall and Floor

At once vast and cozy, the corner of this restaurant is stunning. The 3D tiled walls add a touch of midcentury flair, which the lighting echoes. The marble-look ceramic tiled floors have an off-beat black and white pattern that adds movement and interest. Ceramic tile is a smart choice for restaurants, with its resistance to…

Spa with Black 3D Tile Wall

Okay, just rest. You can do that here; you know it the minute you enter. You are surrounded by clean comfort, from the wood face of the ceramic tile flooring to the textured ceramic wall tiles. Everything is in it’s place and soon you will be, too. The dark tones of these tile choices creates…

Three Dimensional Artistic Tile

The ridges left in sand on the beach, the veins in a leaf, or the texture of a rough-cut log — run your fingers along this 3D artistic ceramic tile and let your mind wander where it will. Mixed metal colors give versatility to this unique shape and texture of high-performing and long-lasting ceramic tile,…

Three Dimensional Stone-Look Tile

When it comes to design choices, why limit yourself? Your options are endless with ceramic tile, whether you want the look of marble (without the price tag), a 3D pattern, a unique shape, or all of it, such as in this beautiful example. Whatever you choose, you’ll also enjoy the many benefits of ceramic tile,…

Three-Dimensional Fireplace Tile With Large Slabs

Modern lines and earthy tones combine to form this stunning fireplace. Ceramic tile shows off style versatility with large slabs and the contrasting texture of 3D tiles. Ceramic tile is nonflammable and won’t emit toxic fumes when exposed to flame, which makes it the time-honored choice for fireplace materials.

Gray Multidirectional Bathroom Tile

These multidirectional, three-dimensional ceramic tiles add interest while keeping the elegant style and color scheme established with the marble vanity. From backsplashes to flooring, ceramic tile offers healthy benefits for your bathroom and design options for your personal style.

Wavy Tiled Bar With a Stone-Look Tile Floor

What could be better than sipping wine on a rooftop bar at sunset? Well, if the bar looks as cool as this one, not a lot. Stone-look ceramic tile looks right at home, cozied up to the brick wall. The textured black tile of the bar echoes those bricks, but with textured pieces in ebony…

Green Ceramic Tile Fireplace

The fireplace tends to be the focal point of the room, so it’s a great chance to make a statement. With jade green ceramic tile laid in a diamond pattern and accented with multiple rows of trim, this fireplace takes full advantage of this opportunity, plus the ability to provide a period-specific look for a…

3D Leaf Tile Bordering Pink Toile Wall

You’re the queen of your house and you deserve a bathroom fit for a queen. Ceramic tile makes that possible with this creamy masterpiece accented with beautiful trim. This ceramic wainscoting protects the bathroom wall with water, scratch, stain, and bacteria resistance. Ah, the carefree lifestyle of a queen!

Funky Midcentury Mod Tile Wall

Ceramic tile with a midcentury mod pattern shines with metallic sheen and a groovy vibe. Retro styles evoke a shared history and ceramic tile has a history we all share that spans the centuries. With design looks inspired from the past and created for the present, tile has a beauty that we can all appreciate.

Ornate Bathroom Tile

When deciding how to incorporate ceramic tile into your bathroom design, don’t limit yourself. Ceramic tile counters, walls, and decorative trim and accents will give the space a cohesive look, like what you see in this beautiful, ornately tiled bathroom. Using tile for all your surfaces also extends ceramic tile’s many benefits — such as…

Outdoor Seating Area With Stone-Look Ceramic Tile

What a dramatic setting! With the city lit up below and a warm fire crackling in the corner, dining here is an experience you won’t soon forget. The golden tones of the room are subtly echoed in the stone-look ceramic tile flooring and help ground the space, which seems ready to launch. Ceramic tile is…

Balcony Styled With Stone-Look Ceramic Tile

Everything is squared away on this spacious patio; with only a few curves in sight, it’s all angles and lines. Keeping in step is the flooring — stone-look ceramic tile arranged in a modified pinwheel pattern. Ceramic tile is as ideal a choice for outdoors as it is for indoors, with resistance to water and…