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Large Wood-Look Crosshatch Tile

Outdoor rooms extend your living space. With plenty of cover, you can entertain guests in the fresh air all year round. The ceramic tile flooring of this patio has the look of wood without the worry of rain, sun, and snow fading the surface. Ceramic tile is durable, with a scratch- and stain-resistant surface that…

Stone-Look Bathroom Wall With Hexagon Floor Tiles

Simplicity can speak volumes, and this bathroom is a wonderful example. The stone-look ceramic tile on the walls in a pale shade of gray is beautiful in its spareness, and the reflection of the white subway tile of the shower echoes simplicity. The mosaic tile flooring adds visual interest without clutter. Ceramic tile is a…

Cream Windmill Patterned Tile Floor

Looking for living room flooring that will blow you away? You just might find your solution in this earthy windmill pattern. Unlike most windmill patterns, which use a different tile for each part of the windmill, this design is printed directly onto the tile. The 4-to-1 windmill-to-tile ratio helps prevent the intricate motif from appearing…

Golden Stone-Look Bathroom Tile

Begin and end your days in a room as magnificent as you are. The golden hue of the stone-look tile walls will inspire you to be glamorous, and the patterned accent row will remind you that it’s all in the details. Ceramic tile’s resistance to water, stains, scratches, and bacteria cautions you not to be…

Large Patterned Floor Tiles

Small spaces don’t necessarily call for small tiles. In this cozy living room, large-format tiles continue from wall to wall and then right down the hallway, creating a sense of continuity that makes the area feel larger. The tiles combine to form a large-scale diamond and flower pattern that adds visual interest, and the beige…

Wide Midcentury Modern Tile

The view from this sitting area high above the city is a dream come true. Wide views make this a luxurious perch from where plans can be made and dreams realized. The large-format ceramic tile flooring shows the way from start to finish with a wood-look grain. Ceramic tile is an easy-care and durable flooring…

Beige Stone-Look Tile Floor

Light colors can make any room seem expansive, as evidenced in this living room. From the white furniture to the cream and beige stone-look tiles on the floor, brightness is the motif. Ceramic tile is the ideal choice for flooring because it is durable, long-lasting and resistant to stains, scratches, and fading. So, let the…