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Stylish Kitchen Island Tile

This kitchen island puts the versatility of ceramic tile on full display. Beyond the usefulness of having waterproof, low-maintenance, and easy-to-clean surfaces in the kitchen, tile makes up the majority of the aesthetic here. The backsplash and island are the most obvious uses of tile, both of which are designed to resist wear and tear…


Advances in ceramic tile manufacturing have achieved unique surface textures, designs, and even dimensional qualities, such as this tile that gives the impression of a paper wall. Imagine that! In fact, let your imagination run wild. Ceramic tile is available in an endless combination of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and designs to make your decor…

Glossy Gray Subway Tiles

These ceramic tiles glisten their elongated subway tile style. A twist on the time-honored favorite, this design incorporates a slight texture, gloss finish, and a calming gray hue to create a new look.

Honey Herringbone Wood-Look Tile Floor

Capture a stunning wood-look pattern in your home with ceramic tile. This room shows off a honey-colored herringbone wood-look ceramic tile floor that makes all other decor secondary. This pristine look is also easy to maintain with ceramic tile’s resistance to scuffs, dents, stains, and scratches.

Rustic Wood-Look Tile Flooring

The clean lines of the modern counter in this kitchen contrast with the rustic flooring. Despite the wood look, this flooring is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is an ideal flooring for kitchens with its easy-care maintenance and durable surface resistant to stains, scratches, and fading. Versatile ceramic tile marries the heritage of tile and the…

Charcoal Wood-Look Tile

Earthy charcoal colors blend with contemporary grays to bring you a flooring choice that makes the fusion of mid-century American decor and Victorian architecture a stroke of genius. Smartly choosing heat-resistant ceramic tile around a fireplace makes your home as safe as it is stylish. Use this neutral palette to accent with your favorite bold…

Wood-Face Ceramic Tile

Team up the trending modern farmhouse style and the simplicity of new industrial home design with a wood-face ceramic tile. The high contrast grain texture of this tile makes whites pop while welcoming accent colors from light wood shades to sleek black-blacks. More durable and versatile than wood flooring, ceramic style can be used in…

Parquet Tile Flooring

Wood grain ceramic tile (the colors of your Grandaddy’s barn) panels laid in squares of even panels alternating on a diamond angle lead the eye through your refurbished loft living room and down the hall. Billowing cotton (that’s Grandma’s influence) dress windows where your same flooring is a pedestal for dreaming. Add a touch of…

Warm Wood-Look Parquet Tile

Survey your kingdom from this vantage point of elegance and style. With the built-in decor of this wood grain parquet ceramic tile, any other furnishings can be as effortless as you desire. Accent with a tangerine couch, for example! the easy maintenance of ceramic tile means you WILL have time to read that book that’s…

Wood-Look Parquet Tile Lobby Flooring

Parquet, por vous! Taking wood grain ceramic tile to an extraordinary design level, make a statement with this parquet ceramic tile pattern. The lghts and darks of furniture and wall selections blend beautifully with the variations of grain and pattern. The intricacies of a parquet pattern are put to ease with the convenient installation of…

Gray Wood-Look Entryway Tile

Welcome home. This ceramic tile floor will keep its stately bearing through all of the ups and downs of an active family lifestyle. Ceramic tile is scratch-resistant and won’t warp, even in temperature extremes. No worries either about this sunlit space as ceramic tile won’t fade. This dream home is also a dream to maintain!

Regal Bathroom Tile

This stylish bathroom builds upon the regal quality of creamy stone-look ceramic tile flooring to complete a cohesive vision. A selection of tile sizes and shapes allows the flooring color and texture to be repeated in the backsplash mosaic and also as a feature stripe and flooring in the shower — a charming use of…

Wood-Look Parquet Tile

You “wooden” know it, but this shower will stand up to all the water you throw at it. With the wood-look parquet tile walls and flooring, you might feel like you’re taking a shower in a well-appointed cabin. Ceramic tile is the best choice for bathrooms with its resistance to water, mildew, mold, and bacteria.…

Smokey Dining Room Wood-Look Flooring

When you need a kitchen floor to back you up and stand up to constant use, ceramic tile is it. This kitchen is the picture of nostalgic style combined with modern technology. Rustic cutting boards, a wooden table and bench, and wood-look flooring evoke memories of a simpler time; yet the fact that the flooring…

Multicolored Wood-Look Cafe Floor and Walls

Cafe culture has never been so inviting. Order a warm beverage and choose your seat — with multicolored wood-look ceramic tile covering the floor and walls, every seat is the best in the house. In fact, you may want to stay long after you’ve finished your latte, ’cause this place just has a good feeling…

Herringbone Wood-Look Kitchen Flooring

Herringbone has its place in the most stylish business attire, and now this no-nonsense kitchen has the same get-it-done vibe. This wood-look herringbone pattern flooring widens the angles of the room, which visually amplifies the space, creating a sense of movement. You can tell that this kitchen has high standards, and ceramic tile’s durability and…

Multicolored Wood Bedroom

Wood-look ceramic tile options are as numerous and distinct as the trees they’re designed after, and this bedroom uses multiple aspects to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. The flooring’s parquet tile pattern features large-format squares with wood textures and tones baked right into the tile — something you certainly don’t see every day, unless you call…

Distressed Stone-Look Tile

Modern desert is the style here, and this ceramic tile flooring helps the space pull it off with a distressed stone look typical of outdoor patios. Even if we aren’t outside, ceramic tile’s durability and water resistance mean we could be, allowing us to lose ourselves even further in our desert mirage.

Multicolor Herringbone

This probably isn’t what comes to mind when you think of traditional hardwood. The herringbone design is striking, the color variation is unique — combined, this flooring creates a fashion runway impact. Moreover, this isn’t hardwood at all, but wood-look ceramic tile. Wood-look ceramic tile incorporates the beauty of hardwood and adds the superior qualities…

Stone-Look Tile Bar

Take a seat and a sip of your martini, and soak in the warmth created by ceramic tile in this home bar area. Brick-look wall tiles and stone-look floor tiles meld with the wooden cabinets to evoke a hearth here in the heart of the home.