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Stormy Gray Marble-Look Tile

Have you ever seen such a bold statement made so simply? This large, gray, rectangular, marble-look tile takes your breath like a storm the second you step over the room’s threshold, and looking away proves challenging. Such beautiful flooring makes simple furnishings and other decor look high-end. It won’t take long to decide that this…

Industrial Chic Concrete-Look Tile Flooring

A unique brand demands a complimentary retail space. Translating the energy and emotion of a built brand into tangible surfaces rests squarely on the largest surface: the flooring. Ceramic tile offers a vast array of design options—including texture—soft or hard, linen, stone, wood, and more. The consistency yet versatility of ceramic tile gives designers confidence…

Pool Tile

You relax in the sun at the edge of the pool — or are you at the beach? The texture and colors of the tile surrounding you have you transported — you can almost hear the waves. Let the blues of the pool tile mesmerize you. Even the large rectangular tile panels on the patio…

Minimalistic Ceramic Tile Slabs in Concrete Gray

This room is minimalism at its finest. Two colors dominate the space’s palette — white and concrete gray — with the bright yellow chairs and kettle providing the perfect pop of color. The large ceramic tile slabs give the impression that the flooring is all one piece. Indeed, the flooring does continue right out the…

Oxidized Metal-Look Tile Office Flooring

There’s a storm coming, a brainstorm, that is. That’s okay, ceramic tile can take all you can throw at it. Durable under heavy foot traffic, ceramic tile is scratch, dent, heat, moisture, and bacteria resistant. When ideas call for a new plan, ceramic tile has you covered (meant that). There will be no worries about…

Cement-Look Tile for a Store’s Flooring

This store’s design leads you with a clever layout of large panel cement-look ceramic tiles. The diagonal pattern directs you to products where black industrial finished ceramic tiles take over to blanket the walls. It’s a rugged look with earth tones accenting both styles of tile. Ceramic tile resists, scratches, dents, and dirt, so will…

White Marble-Look Hex Tile Bathroom Flooring

White hexagon tile has been a popular choice for bathroom floors since the Victorian era. This bathroom harkens back to a vintage era by incorporating a pedestal tub, antique mirror, and black accents that all contribute to the esthetic. The marble look of the hexagon flooring and the shower’s large tile walls share an elegance…

Terrazzo-Fashioned Ceramic Tile

Deep breath. You just love the look of this terrazzo-fashioned ceramic tile. Clean, bold, and modern, without a weed in sight. Shadows play. You play without worries as this ceramic tile is dutiful and beautiful through the weather extremes of heat to frost.

Large Tiled Wall

Maintaining visual interest can be a challenge in such a large scale room. To avoid repetition on this expansive wall surface, this designer chose multiple colorways from a single tile line, and had them laid in a randomly-colored brick pattern. The coordinating dark floor tile give the dark moodiness the lobby needed, and can easily…

Moroccan-Look Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Moroccan-look tile gives this kitchen great style. Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes because it is water- and stain-resistant and easy to clean. With the variety of shapes available today, you can find the right style to help your kitchen make a statement of its own.

Black and White Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Contemporary style has clean lines and efficient design. This sunny kitchen is a fun example of the contemporary ethos, with lots of storage and quality materials. Blue mosaic tile makes a stunning backsplash and picks up the metallic sheen of the stainless countertops. Sturdy benches offer a perch atop the wood-look ceramic tile flooring. Ceramic…