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Running Bond Stone-Look Kitchen Floor Tile

Big, bright, and beautiful are duly accented by this charcoal stone-look floor laid in a running bond pattern. And yes, we can envision running through this kitchen (or maybe riding a big wheel), but being stopped by its brilliance. Notice how the natural textures and subtle colors of the room have beautifully amplified the view,…

Ivory Stone-Look Ceramic Tile Flooring

Perpendicular modern angles are accented by the ivory stone-look ceramic tiles running at an angle through this open floor plan. Surprise! An angled architectural element echoes the angles created in the floor. The look is clean and uncluttered, with subtle texture and movement that adds interest, as well as the durability and easy maintenance of…

Stone-Look Mosaic Subway Tile

These stone-look mosaic subway tiles are a classic bet that’s on-trend and on-functionality for a backsplash or wall feature. A neutral look with subtle movement that’s reminiscent of that spa you went to in Italy, right? Okay, maybe you haven’t been to Italy, but don’t these tiles make you want to create a sensual, elegant…

Multicolored Mosaic Tile

Mosaic ceramic tile is perfect for small floorspaces, showers, and backsplashes. These thin vertical rectangles will elongate whatever space they cover, and the under-the-sea blues, sandy tans, and cloudy whites will evoke the perfect day at the beach.

Mediterranean-Style Ceramic Tile Sink

Che bel lavandino! What a beautiful sink, which could be in an Italian villa or in your home. Ceramic tile has an endless variety of design options, such as this stone-look design with a beautiful old-word patina. Ceramic tile is the right choice for bathrooms, with resistance to water, mold, mildew and bacteria. Durable and…

Blue Tiled Bar

The metallic blues of these square and horizontal tiles provide a calm richness and sophistication. Light plays off the mosaic tiles, tempting your mind to wander to far-off places while you enjoy a relaxing beverage. The horizontal beige glass tiles provide symmetry to the wood of the lower bar, without disrupting the dreamy feel. Bring…

Large Tiled Shower With a Window

The expanse of this unique shower echoes the wide open spaces seen through the window. Small square mosaic tiles in earth tones frame the window like a piece of art and contrast the desert landscape with the vibrancy of design. Tile is water-resistant and keeps mold, mildew, and bacteria at bay, making this style practical…

Distressed Terracotta-Look Floor

Earthy tones abound in this charming living room. The distressed ceramic tile floor ties together both the russet of the couches and the verdigris of the wallpaper, and the alternating grain of the tiles adds an interesting twist to a straightforward grid. You don’t need to worry about the floor actually becoming distressed — ceramic…

Overview Stone Look Lobby

Welcome, A reception space speaks volumes of what is just behind this desk. Set a tone and speak your vision with ceramic tile. This square stone look laid in a traditional grid switches it up by alternating the direction of the tile pattern. Toffee and cream tones mimic traditional nature while the steel grey grout…

Large Brown Square Floor Tiles

Keeping it simple is the oldest design trick in the book, and these large brown flooring tiles prove that simplicity hasn’t lost its magic. The floor’s dark color and warm tones contrast beautifully with the crisp white walls, giving the space a cozy feeling. Ceramic tile’s easy care only adds to the room’s charming simplicity,…

Beige Patterned Tile Floor

The design possibilities of ceramic tile are endless, including advances in inkjet printing that allow manufacturers to print any design you can imagine onto tile, such as this distinct pattern. A simple grid layout manifests as ornate diamonds, adding a touch of luxury to an otherwise simple room decor.

Wood Look Bar

This vantage point looking down on an exquisite bar gives new meaning to the phrase, “watering hole.” Yet, there seems to be a nod to water with this wood effect ceramic tile in earthy shades accented by blonder panels and weathered grey-blue. Ceramic tile is more durable than traditional wood flooring and won’t dent or…

Wood-Look Tile Apartment

This wood-look ceramic tile flooring lends a grounded feeling to a loft apartment. Ceramic tile is the ideal choice for flooring, with a long-lasting, durable surface that is fire-hardened and resistant to water, scratches, and fading. With down-to-earth features and an almost endless variety of design options, ceramic tile just makes sense.