We’re seeing red! As bold colors are trending to coordinate with neutral palettes, red pops to mind as the ultimate statement color. Superior stain and fade resistance means your red ceramic tile will not change its color over time.

Many designers suggest a bit of red in every room to highlight a particular area, collection, and/or feature of a room. Red is also a staple for certain decor, such as patriotic, boho, Spanish-inspired, and country cottage looks, as well as when using primary colors for playful looks.

Red lips to ruby slippers, you can be assured, it’s a red letter day when your design plans include red ceramic tile. Our Pinterest board holds many examples after you’ve explored those below!

Commercial Kitchen With Quarry Tile Flooring

Quarry tile’s durability as well as slip resistance and water resistance make it an excellent choice for commercial kitchens. While design may not be the highest priority in this hard-working environment, quarry tile offers a durable work surface that’s stylish, as well.

Red 3D Tile Range

Olé! Red increases appetite, so it’s the perfect color for a range backsplash. This red backsplash opts for a unique 3D tile design in a vertical brickwork pattern.

This Nook Has Got The Look

This nook and bar front has a unique look thanks to the end-cut wood grain of these square tiles set in a diamond pattern. The design of the ceramic tiles washed with luscious red is offset by a zig-zag installation of cream in the same tile style.

Red and Orange Tiled Restaurant

Bold red and orange mosaic tiles make these walls pop! The subdued hues of the brown wood and large, square floor tiles create a contrasting backdrop for this red-hot kitchen. These walls will have long-lasting shine and a wipe-down surface that’s perfect and protective in the kitchen. Bold reds and oranges let your guests know…

Red Terra Cotta Look Bar Floor

Lots of action ’round here, even if this bar doesn’t have Tom Cruise as bartender. These quarry tiles are the hardest working flooring choice, typically pulling out all the stops—stop slipping, stop moisture, stop scratches. You’ll usually find this rugged tile in commercial settings and it’s making it’s way into modern industrial residential design, as…

Indoor-Outdoor Space With Red Stone-Look Tile

The line between inside and outside is blurred in this modern living room and its adjoining patio. Red flooring covers the expanse with a wood-look ceramic tile, creating an inviting space. Ceramic tile is the ideal flooring for both indoors and outdoors, with resistance to stains, scratches, and fading by the sun. Because ceramic is…