Tile pavers are perfect for many outdoor uses, including tile walkways, tile patios, tile porches, tile decks, tile terraces, tile rooftops, and tile pool surrounds.

Because they’re resistant to water and fading and can withstand freeze and thaw cycles, tile pavers are ideal for both hot and cold climates. Tile pavers are also a safe choice for outdoor use: They come in slip-resistant options (important for rainy areas and pool decks) and are noncombustible, helping to prevent the spread of flames in the case of a fire.

Messy kids, pets, and patio furniture aren’t a concern for tile pavers, either: Pavers made of ceramic tile resist both stains and scratches and are a cinch to clean — just wipe with water.

Tile pavers come in just about any look you can imagine, including stone, slate, terrazzo, concrete, wood, and more. Explore your tile paver options below, and then visit our Tile Patio and Outdoor Tile Pinterest boards for more tile paver ideas.

Concrete-Look Gauged Porcelain Tile Pavers

Take your ceramic tile from indoors to out with gauged porcelain tile pavers — a thicker porcelain tile option perfect for walkways, sidewalks, and patios. By using the same materials indoors and out, you create a unified look to your decor as you utilize outdoor living areas.

Sandy Textured Stone-Look Tile Stairs

They say it’s not the destination but the journey, and with stone-look ceramic tile stairs as beautiful as these, we’re prepared to journey wherever they lead to. Additionally, ceramic tile provides slip-resistant options appropriate for different applications.

Durable Cement-Look Tile Floor

Ceramic tile is one of the most durable materials you can use in your home. Resistant to scuffs and scratches, tile is also one of the longest-lasting materials. Another benefit of tile is that it’s low-maintenance and water-resistant, so any spills can be cleaned easily. Durability and beauty make tile floors, like this cement-look floor,…

Terrazzo-Fashioned Ceramic Tile

Deep breath. You just love the look of this terrazzo-fashioned ceramic tile. Clean, bold, and modern, without a weed in sight. Shadows play. You play without worries as this ceramic tile is dutiful and beautiful through the weather extremes of heat to frost.

Distressed Stone-Look Tile

Modern desert is the style here, and this ceramic tile flooring helps the space pull it off with a distressed stone look typical of outdoor patios. Even if we aren’t outside, ceramic tile’s durability and water resistance mean we could be, allowing us to lose ourselves even further in our desert mirage.