Coming soon, the world ofWhyTile.com®, tailored specifically for our friends in the architecture and design community. While you’re waiting, please browse the Commercial section in our Inspiration Gallery for a look at some stellar examples of tile in situ at installations around the country.

Additionally, we have a downloadable just for you: An infographic guide to how tile delivers both performance and transparency in terms of sustainability for all your projects, whether your practice is residential or commercially-oriented. Just click this link to register and get your download (simple form as before), and that way, we’ll also be able to alert you this summer when our all-new A&D section launches.

Thanks for your interest in Why Tile®, and we’ll be in touch soon!

Sustainability is Beautiful

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Green Squared®

Green Squared us the world’s only multi-attribute sustainability performance standard and certification program for tile and all the associated products needed to install it.


An Environmental Product Declaration(EPD) is a formal report of a material’s environmental footprint.