Unique Patterned Tile Backsplash

Now this is what we call a master bath, equipped with a curbless shower, a wraparound floating gauged porcelain tile counter, a unique backsplash design, and ceramic tile throughout in coordinating styles and shapes.

Round Countertop Tile

Think outside of the box! These marble-look ceramic tiles roll across the surface like so many coins. Even the grout forms and interesting shape! Ceramic tile is water-, mold-, mildew-, and bacteria-resistant, making it an ideal choice for kitchen and bathrooms, where moisture is likely.

Marble-Look Honeycomb Ceramic Tile Counter

For a countertop that’s as sweet as honey, look no further than this marble mosaic tile in a honeycomb pattern. Ceramic tile is perfect for kitchen counters because it won’t stain or scratch, is resistant to water (and honey!), and is easy to clean with water alone. No matter what sticky messes end up here,…

Ornate Bathroom Tile

When deciding how to incorporate ceramic tile into your bathroom design, don’t limit yourself. Ceramic tile counters, walls, and decorative trim and accents will give the space a cohesive look, like what you see in this beautiful, ornately tiled bathroom. Using tile for all your surfaces also extends ceramic tile’s many benefits — such as…