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Wood-Look Tile Bathroom Floor

With a bathtub like this, soaking in the sun takes on new meaning. Wouldn’t you just love to sink up to your neck in this deep tub and let all your worries float away? Don’t worry if the water spills onto the floor, because although it looks like wood, this ceramic tile flooring is water-resistant…

Modern Italian Exterior

Bring the beauty and versatility of ceramic tile outside for a change. Rectangular wood-look tile gives this building a neat and orderly curb appeal. The rich color of the tile won’t fade, and with its easy care, will last for decades. Ceramic tile lets you combine the old-world charm of wood with modern aesthetics and…

Modern Living Area With Wood-Look Tile

A sunny veranda sets the mood for this living room, shedding light on the situation. Wood-look ceramic tile echoes the furniture and framing with plank-shaped flooring that you would swear is pine. Ceramic tile is the versatile choice for flooring with an unimaginable amount of design options, and long-lasting beauty with minimal care. Tile has…

Coastal Living Room Tile

If you’re looking for a flooring that says simple, back-to-nature living while still looking polished, you’ve found it. It helps that this living room is surrounded by treetops, giving it a classy treehouse vibe, but this light wood-look ceramic tile flooring pulls a lot of the weight. It’s a great choice functionally, too, since ceramic…

Snowy Wood Floor

When it’s cold and snowy outside, staying snug and warm inside with a cup of tea is one of life’s simple pleasures. Wiping up melted snow before your floors soak up water is not a pleasure, though. This wood-look flooring is water-resistant because it’s made of ceramic tile, which won’t be ruined by water, scratches,…

Breakfast Room Wood Floor

This wood-look ceramic tile flooring flatters both the dark stain of the exposed wood beams and the crisp white accents in this decor. Ceramic tile is a versatile flooring choice, with styles and colors that will suit every style, including wood, metal, and even fabric looks.

Spacious Front Porch With Wood-Look Tile

“Run — get some lemonade for our visitors,” is a phrase that seems fitting for this spaciously sunny veranda. Evoking the porches of southern hospitality, this grand example has one foot in the past, and one in the future. Today, technology allows for printing designs, such as wood grain, onto tile before firing, so your…