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Large Cream Floor Tiles

Let me get this right — in right angles. Understated elegance fills this room with a quiet that speaks volumes about style. The generous space is perfect for these large square tiles in a serene shade of ivory. The creatively placed corner nook for plants with soft earth tones quietly echos the pattern of the…

Multi Sized Tile Floor

Take tiles of different sizes and shapes and combine them together for a one-of-a-kind look. In this case, square ceramic tiles in a summer sand color welcome vacationing guests for check-in. Ceramic installers might call this a modified “Hopscotch” pattern. Surely, it’s a playful and out-of-the-box design that uses standard size tile to it’s fullest.…

Beige Tile Grid With Accents

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This space is a testament to Leonardo da Vinci’s idea, with no frills or anything unnecessary to detract from the simple beauty of ceramic tile. Tile has a durable surface that is scratch- and stain-resistant, making the choice for your flooring quite simple.

White Square Tile Floor

Subtle texture + subtle color = BIG PERFORMANCE. Sleek and easy-to clean, ceramic tile shown here in a buff square tile, is the ideal flooring for public spaces. This waiting area provides a restful environment suited for any guest. Ceramic tile’s hypoallergenic features means those just passing through or those here for the long haul…

Matte Tile Store Front

Whether a brand is new or well-known, consistency is key. Count on tile to display consistent color and style for new construction, renovations, and additions for any store coast to coast. Changing weather conditions won’t phase this design’s durability as ceramic tile is both heat and frost resistant, as well as moisture and flame resistant.…

Blue Stone-Look Tile Floor

Blue tile is on the trend upswing—a neutral with a shot of unique. Take this blue stone effect tile laid in a running pattern. Pair it with dark woods and bright whites to show off this tile’s timeless, yet up-to-the-minute style. And, style is no compromise on performance because ceramic tile is moisture and flame…

Beige Stone Tile Floor With Accents

The clever use of accent tiles in this flooring gives the impression of a rug under the dining table. Ceramic tile offers virtually endless design options to suit every style, with a variety of colors, textures, shapes, sizes, and patterns. So, be creative and choose ceramic tile for flooring that’s as unique as you are.

Entryway With Large White Tile

This ceramic tile flooring reflects the light, lending elegance to this stately entryway. Timeless beauty is the theme of this room, and ceramic tile’s long-lasting beauty fits right in. Durable, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant ceramic tile will keep its good looks throughout the lifetime of your house, receiving guests with elegant ease.

Large-Stone Look Tile Porch

A front porch is a special place where people gather to chat or sit silently and watch the world go ’round. When the porch is a spacious wrap-around, the more, the merrier! The stone-look ceramic tile that spans this front porch is a rustic complement to the rich wood ceiling and cedar siding. Ceramic tile…

Black Square Tile With Accents

With a black and white color scheme, the yin and yang aspect of this bathroom brings balance to the space. The smoky gray ceramic tiles of the backsplash seem to float in a mist, with the row of dimensional trim grounding the tile to the vanity. Ceramic tile is water- and stain-resistant and is easy…

Dark Stone-Look Backsplash

When life hands you lemons, display the lemons in a beautiful bowl on your countertop. Simple things such as lemons can have a beauty worthy of showing off, just like the beauty of this kitchen. The stone-look ceramic tile of the backsplash coordinating with the counter is simply stunning, and with easy care and scratch…

Glossy Stone-Look Ceramic Tile Floor

Sleek sophistication in this modern seaside decor starts with the gleaming sand color of the stone-look ceramic flooring. These large-format squares reflect the light that floods the room, giving the space a heavenly appearance. A stylish white table and chairs add to the lofty feeling as you look out into the blue sky beyond. Ceramic…

Large Floor Tile Dress Shop

A platform for high fashion doesn’t have to take a back seat. This large format ceramic tile has soft “movement” in the marble/stone effect that echos the flow of romantic fabric. Ceramic tile is a lifelong marriage of beauty and durability the variety you look for in a perfect match. This exquisite square tile announces…

Swirly Tile Wall

Ethereal is one way to describe this room, with wispy white curtains blowing in the breeze. The ceramic tile flooring is a vision in white, continuing the celestial feeling. Ceramic tile on the walls in a silver knot pattern is delightful with a metallic shimmer. Ceramic tile is a breath of fresh air with a…

Wood-Look Tile Close-Up

Wood-look ceramic tile is as durable as it is beautiful. Unlike other surfaces, ceramic tile has a fire-hardened surface that’s long-lasting and will take whatever you throw at it. Scratch- and stain-resistant, ceramic tile can withstand foot traffic, water, spills, and everything else life brings and still look as amazing as it did on day…

Kitchen With Multiple Stone-Look Tiles

At first glance, this dining room looks fairly subdued, but take a closer look. Pastels and stone-look ceramic tiles flank one side of this fun room, while 3D tile in pale neutrals line the other. The flooring of large-format tiles is split between unadorned beige and an abstract pattern. Ceramic tile is versatile and stylish,…

Multiple Types of Stone-Look Tile

Sleek, modern style is just a stone’s throw away no matter which way you turn in this modern kitchen. Stone-look, large-format ceramic tile covers the floors, walls, and countertops, and even serves as artwork. The variegated patterns on the various surfaces give visual interest to the monochromatic palette.

Large Stone-Look Outdoor Tile

Having a beautiful yard is part of the joy of owning a home. With ceramic tile, your outdoors can be as stylish as your indoors. Ceramic tile is water-resistant and has options to withstand freeze/thaw conditions, so you need not worry about the elements. The durable surface of tile is scratch-resistant and won’t fade in…

Beige Kitchen Tiles

This minimalist kitchen is an efficiency masterpiece. Clean lines and no clutter give the space an open feeling that can sooth a frazzled soul. The soft beige of the ceramic tile flooring lets the tile layout be the focus, with alternating squares and rectangles. Finishing off the room, the backsplash and the bar front are…

Wood-Look Tile Bedroom Floor

For a contemporary spin on a traditional look, look no further than ceramic tile — the modern hardwood. Ceramic tile is indistinguishable from real hardwood, yet offers the added benefits of water, scratch, and stain resistance. With these advantages, your bedroom floor will continue looking as sleek as it did on day one!