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Totally Tiled Kitchen

Stainless steel and dark wood cabinets are the backbone of this kitchen, giving a sleek, modern aesthetic to the room. The tile provides the room its personality, though, with variegated stone-look style. Note the clever use of size, where a smaller version of the floor tiles makes up the backsplash — details like this are…

Multi Sized Tile Floor

Take tiles of different sizes and shapes and combine them together for a one-of-a-kind look. In this case, square ceramic tiles in a summer sand color welcome vacationing guests for check-in. Ceramic installers might call this a modified “Hopscotch” pattern. Surely, it’s a playful and out-of-the-box design that uses standard size tile to it’s fullest.…

White Square Tile Floor

Subtle texture + subtle color = BIG PERFORMANCE. Sleek and easy-to clean, ceramic tile shown here in a buff square tile, is the ideal flooring for public spaces. This waiting area provides a restful environment suited for any guest. Ceramic tile’s hypoallergenic features means those just passing through or those here for the long haul…

Matte Tile Store Front

Whether a brand is new or well-known, consistency is key. Count on tile to display consistent color and style for new construction, renovations, and additions for any store coast to coast. Changing weather conditions won’t phase this design’s durability as ceramic tile is both heat and frost resistant, as well as moisture and flame resistant.…