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Sand-Colored Stone-Look Tile Floor

Bath time can be a soothing ritual that transports you to your favorite place. These sand-colored stone-look tiles evoke your own private beach. The durable surface of ceramic tile is resistant to water, mold, mildew, and bacteria, letting you relax with peace of mind.

Cream Tiled Floor With Accents

These large, square ceramic floor tiles are simply elegant. Tucked into a ribbon of smaller, darker tile is wonderful textural detail that adds a touch of personality to this seating area. Tile varieties run from small mosaic to large-format panels/slabs. With the wide range of durable and fade-resistant textures and patterns, you can find the…

Stone-Look Ceramic Tile Patio

Take the beauty, durability, and low maintenance of ceramic tile outside. This stone-look ceramic tile flows out over the patio area, with a deco-inspired pattern. The patio, with the varying sizes of tile, shows off its cubist style to the sun. With a durable, fire-baked surface, ceramic tile will not fade in the sun and…

Brown Contemporary Tiled Bathroom

Earthy tones of brown and cream give this bathroom an indulgent feeling. With its glass wall, the shower opens up the room, maximizing the use of space. The continuity of ceramic tile throughout the room adds to the spacious feeling. Smaller squares line the floor of the shower, adding texture while maintaining the style of…

Cream Tiled Bathroom

This bathroom is a retreat from hectic day-to-day life, with soothing colors and breezy floor-to-ceiling windows. The creamy ceramic tiles brighten the room and give it a seamless look. Ceramic tile offers health benefits for bathrooms, including nonslip options, as well as water, mold, mildew, and bacteria resistance. Beauty, luxury, and health all come together…

Cream Stone Tiled Floor Hotel

Welcome guests with this high fashion, easy-to-maintain ceramic tile in dreamy shades of cream. A subtle marble look adds interest to the soothing monochromatic silhouette. Ceramic tile works effortlessly in the bedroom area as well as the bath to create an undisturbed, tailored profile. Resistance to scratches, moisture, heat, and fading make ceramic tile a…

Wood-Look Living Room Tile Floor

Victorian curves complement this sunny sitting area. Wood-look ceramic tile brings a beautiful richness that won’t fade and will keep looking beautiful for years to come, even if this room transitions to modernism, boho, or farmhouse!

Wood Like Floor with Small Tile Accent

Check off “ultramodern” with this revival of Victorian floor feature design. These earthy wood floor planks set in a regular offset grid are accented by multi-colored square panels. The design benefits from the huge array of ceramic tile colors, shapes, and sizes, then gets supercharged with the addition of tile’s variety of textures and styles.…

Driftwood-Look Kitchen Tile Floor

A grand kitchen such as this one uses only the most naturally beautiful materials. The stately charm of the oiled woodwork and the stone chimney is echoed in the flooring. This driftwood-look ceramic tile adds a touch of rich color to the room that picks up the ocean view.

Moroccan-Look Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Moroccan-look tile gives this kitchen great style. Ceramic tile is a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes because it is water- and stain-resistant and easy to clean. With the variety of shapes available today, you can find the right style to help your kitchen make a statement of its own.

Round Countertop Tile

Think outside of the box! These marble-look ceramic tiles roll across the surface like so many coins. Even the grout forms and interesting shape! Ceramic tile is water-, mold-, mildew-, and bacteria-resistant, making it an ideal choice for kitchen and bathrooms, where moisture is likely.

Funky Green Wall Tile With Stone Accents

Mosaic squares of chartreuse tile give this kitchen an explosion of color. A strip of multicolored tiles ties the fixtures and backsplash together. One of the many benefits of ceramic tile is the variety of design options that you have when you’re designing your dream kitchen.

Multishaped Gray Wall Tiles

This unique backsplash unites the darks and lights in this modern kitchen. Ceramic tile is ideal to use for kitchen backsplashes because it’s easy to clean, resists stains, and is inhospitable to mold, mildew, and bacteria, as well as being water- and flame-resistant. Give your kitchen its own unique personality with the endless design possibilities…

Wavy Tiled Bar With a Stone-Look Tile Floor

What could be better than sipping wine on a rooftop bar at sunset? Well, if the bar looks as cool as this one, not a lot. Stone-look ceramic tile looks right at home, cozied up to the brick wall. The textured black tile of the bar echoes those bricks, but with textured pieces in ebony…

Iridescent Blue Tile Wall and Stone-Look Tile Floor

Unconventional is an understatement when it comes to this bathroom. Stone-look ceramic tile on the walls and floors combine with the rich golden hues in the wood to set the mood. Black river rock continues the natural feel, leading to the stainless steel tub that begs for someone to soak. The wonderful metallic mosaic tile…

Metallic and Stone-Look Ceramic Tile Bathroom

A vision in white, this bathroom makes the most of tile’s versatility. The half wall is elegantly dressed in a lovely ceramic tile with shiny metallic details that reflect the gold tones of the mirror and fixtures. Stone-look tile in shades of greige adds to the charm of this style, with breezy details such as…

Metallic Tiled Lobby with Stone Tile Floor

Glamorous means business in this elegant and modern lobby. Vertical silver ceramic tiles reflect the natural light and create the illusion of a bamboo screen, while the charcoal floor tiles keep the space grounded. Soft green paint and and plants make a cozy sitting area an oasis that your guests may not want to leave!…

Tiled Meeting Room

Light, paired with three-dimensional wall tile, is a key design element in this modern meeting space. The way light plays off 3-D tile will change based on your position in the room, so brightening and dimming the lights can have a dramatic effect. The light also plays nicely with all the sculptural elements used, from…

Distressed Stone Floor

If this floor could talk, it would likely say, “Come and sit a spell.” The gray and gold tones give the stone an oxidized look that lends a comfortable and solid feel. Every time of year will feel like a summer’s evening with the way the light plays off the colors of this ceramic throughout…

Marble-Look Tiled Bathroom

Light fills this spotless room, reflecting off all the surfaces and showing off the clean lines and modern aesthetic. Floor-to-ceiling marble-look ceramic tiles are the perfect option for the beautifully designed curbless shower. Without visual barriers, a curbless shower maximizes the usable space and instantly makes a bathroom appear larger. Water-resistant ceramic tile has a…